"Good one, Gill."
—Maya commenting on Gill's joke. src

Maya is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode, appearing as a minor antagonist in "The Order of the Stone" and one of the two secondary antagonists in "Order Up!". She is a member of The Ocelots, and later the The Blaze Rods. She is currently under arrest by the Sky City Guards. She is voiced by G.K. Bowes.



Maya wears a leather Ocelots jacket in the earlier episodes, but in episode five, there are two crossed blaze rods on it instead. She wears a blue vest with a red shirt labeled with the letter "E". She has light blue eyes and brown hair.


Maya seems to be a young woman who is very selfish and arrogant, like most of the other members of The Blaze Rods. She is extremely loyal to Aiden.



"Oh, great, the fail squad's here."
—Maya to Jesse's Gangsrc
"Boom! Egg!"
—Maya to Petra before she throws a spawn egg at her. src
"Hey, you, get a load of this!"
—Maya to the Wither Storm. (Determinant) src
"Order of the losers!"
—Maya to Jesse's Gang outside the Temple of the Old Builderssrc


  • She was actually seen with Jesse's gang in Gabriel the Warrior's temple in the MineCon trailer, along with Otis and Aiden.
    • She was also wearing different clothes in this scene, just like Aiden and Lukas.
  • Her name is found in the Episode 1 credits; her name is also mentioned by Aiden (determinant) and Lukas.


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