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Magnus' Tower is a tower built by Magnus the Rogue. It used to be Magnus' secret base.



The Tower is located in Boom Town, in the Overworld. It contains many powerful traps, in both the interior and the exterior, to prevent unwanted people from entering.


The bridge that leads to the tower is mainly constructed with Stone Bricks. It also contains several traps, such as TNT traps, Dispenser traps and a Piston trap. The tower is mainly constructed from obsidian blocks. The interior of the building contains a trap behind the door which leads to the main room which is mainly constructed by sandstone and obsidian. It also has a lava pool and several TNT traps that can be activated/deactivated by Levers.


  • Magnus the Rogue (Formerly)



  • Magnus built the tower to keep the other Griefers from becoming the new King of Boom Town.
  • A portion of the tower is destroyed, making the other part of the tower float.
    • Either the tower was originally built like this, or it was somehow partially destroyed.
  • In Episode 2, Axel, Jesse, (determinant), and Reuben, (determinant), locate Magnus in the tower by using the Amulet.
    • If Jesse decides to visit Redstonia instead, Axel will locate Magnus by himself.


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