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"Jesse, a lever's not going to do you much good in a fight, is it? It's like this is your first time crafting or something."
Petra to Jesse after crafting a Lever. (Determinant) src

Levers are redstone components in Minecraft: Story Mode. They serves as major power sources for a variety of mechanisms in the game.


Crafting Recipe:

  • 1 Stick + 1 Cobblestone = 1 Lever

The crafting recipe for a lever.


  • In episode one, if Jesse makes a lever instead of a sword, the player receives an achievement called "You made a lever!?!?"
    • This same lever can actually be used later on, and there is enough remaining cobblestone to be used to make a stone sword.
  • At the end of episode two, in Boom Town (determinant), Jesse can see a floating lever.
  • If Jesse crafts a lever in episode one, the crafting table and chest used to craft a lever in episode four will not be present. In other words, Jesse will not be able to craft another lever.