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"Those are the kind of heroes in this story. They started as just a bunch of friends in a treehouse, looking up to idols who had come before them."
Lukas reading his book about Jesse's Gangsrc

Jesse's Treehouse is a simple treehouse where Jesse lived with their friends. It is the location where Minecraft: Story Mode begins.




Jesse's treehouse is a very simple build, located on a random tree somewhere in the Overworld.


Jesse's treehouse is very simple in appearance, and looks like a normal, wooden treehouse. The inside contains a few of Jesse's banners, an armor stand, two chests, a small seating area, and a trapdoor leading downstairs. Olivia also mentioned she put a daylight sensor on the roof to turn redstone lamps on at night.


  • It can be assumed that Jesse's treehouse was demolished by the Wither Storm, as it was located relatively close to EnderCon. However, it's possible that it wasn't, or it was rebuilt.
  • Some of Jesse's dialogue in the treehouse is actually foreshadowing the events of "The Last Place You Look" and "A Block and a Hard Place". Jesse says that they hope to get some armor to put on the armor stand. They also ask Reuben if he thinks they'll ever get that famous. Both of these events happen later.
  • In "The Order of the Stone", Jesse cannot choose to leave their treehouse through the trap doors until they have obtained both the flint and steel and shears from the two chests.


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