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"Yeah, but being out there, Adventuring...That's good too."
—Jesse to Radar (determinant) src

Jesse is the playable main protagonist of Minecraft: Story Mode developed by Telltale Games, whose gender and appearance is decided by the player. The male version of the character is voiced by Patton Oswalt, and the female version by Catherine Anne "Cat" Taber. Jesse first appears in "The Order of the Stone".



Jesse's appearance and gender can be decided by the player. Male Jesse wears a long-sleeved button-up shirt and pants held up by suspenders, whereas female Jesse wears a t-shirt with overalls and a hair-clip. In season two, Jesse dons a prismarine gauntlet on their right hand in "Hero in Residence" and "Giant Consequences". Male Jesse rolls his sleeves up when donning an iron chestplate. In "Jailhouse Block", male Jesse wears orange prison pants with a white shirt and red suspenders. Female Jesse, on the other hand, wears a white tank top and the same prison pants.


Jesse's personality is mostly characterized by the choices made by the player. However, Jesse is generally kind and very loyal to their friends, though they can become emotional and intense at times.

Depending on how the player plays, Jesse is willing to do anything for their friends, and cares for them all the same, even if they choose not to show it. They can also be polite and try to get along with whoever they meet, if that person isn't evil or rude.

Jesse can also be generous. This can be decided on when Axel gives the entire group cookies except for Lukas; Jesse can give him their cookie. Jesse can also choose to keep The Eversource to the people of Sky City, as they realize that they need the resources more. They can also suggest that their group and Cassie Rose share the former's Enchanted Flint and Steel.

Jesse can be either arrogant or humble at times. They can also empathize with others who mistreated them, such as TorqueDawg. Moments after meeting Jesse, TorqueDawg started to insult them and their friends. When he is killed in a trap, they can empathize with him. This can also be shown when Cassie Rose was supposedly killed in her own trap. Jesse can say that, despite the fact that Cassie had done some terrible things, no one deserves to be trapped away from home like she was.

Jesse can also blame themselves when people get hurt or die, and can be seemly insecure at times. This is shown when they blame themselves for taking Magnus'/Ellegaard's armor and feeling responsible for Reuben's death in Season 1. They also can blame themself for Lukas/Petra's so-thought death after shutting down PAMA. In A Journey's End?, when Lukas asked weither or not they think their speech got through to the competitors and if they’re are on board with the plan to take down the Hadrian, Jesse can say that they’re doomed and that they don’t know how they’re going to pull it off. In Season 2, Jesse can tell Petra that they’re jealous of Jack’s accomplishments if they say Jack is the best adventurer in Beacon Town after them and blame themselves for putting the safety of the people of Beacontown at risk twice, stating that people almost got hurt because of them. They can also blame themself for Xara's death (determinant).

However, Jesse can have a very snarky and rude attitude as well. They can be harsh towards anybody, even their friends and their own pet pig, Reuben. In Episode 5, Jesse may grow more selfish and greedy in their quest to find The Eversource, becoming more ruthless and hostile towards anyone who gets in their way. Jesse can also show that they are capable of letting others die without showing any remorse. Jesse may show no concern for the safety of their friends and can accuse someone of a crime with little to no evidence, even if they are innocent. They can also be angered easily, starting arguments with their friends if any of them disagrees with Jesse or questions their leadership. This arrogance may have something to do with their beginning desire to be known as a famous hero, and while they clearly are heroic and even humble, their arrogance does build as the series progresses to a point where they can (determinately) believe that only they themself can take responsibility and have all the right answers. This gets called out by Petra in episode 7, and is one of the causes of season 2's conflict.

Jesse can show immense hostility towards Lukas and Ivor. They may have trouble trusting Lukas and will sometimes get into arguments with him. Jesse also understandably can have trust issues with Ivor, presumably because he created the Wither Storm and scammed Petra on a deal.

Regardless of player choices, Jesse is visibly upset when Reuben dies, is shocked speechless when Aiden pushes Lukas off the edge of Sky City (determinant), and is clearly horrified when their friends are presumably killed in the White Pumpkin's trap. Also, when Lukas and Petra/Ivor are seemingly killed by Nell, Jesse is enraged and brutally attacks her, not knowing that they respawned. In Season 2, Jesse is reluctant to attack Petra/Jack when Romeo makes the two friends fight each other. They are also saddened by Jack's apparent death falling off the cliff in "Below the Bedrock" (determinant).


"The Order of the Stone"

  • Wooden Sword
  • Flint and Steel
  • Shears
  • Sand
  • Ink Sac
  • Rose Bush
  • Wooden Pickaxe
  • Stone
  • Wool
  • Oak Wood
  • Redstone
  • Oak Wood Planks
  • Fence
  • Black Wool (determinant)
  • Lime Wool (determinant)
  • Green Wool (determinant)
  • Purple Stained Glass (determinant)
  • White Stained Glass (determinant)
  • Purple Wool (determinant)
  • Cyan Wool (determinant)
  • Carrot (determinant)
  • String
  • Cobblestone
  • Stick
  • Lever (determinant)
  • Stone Sword
  • Golden Sword (determinant)
  • Slimeball
  • Elixir
  • Amulet
  • Dirt
  • Ladder (determinant)
  • Spruce Wood Planks (determinant)
  • Spruce Fence (determinant)
  • Cookie
  • Apple (determinant)
  • Flint
  • Feather
  • Bow (determinant)
  • Arrow (determinant)
  • Fishing Rod (determinant)

"Assembly Required (Redstonia)"

  • Redstone Repeater
  • Redstone Torch (determinant)
  • Redstone
  • Stone (determinant)
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Emerald
  • Coal
  • Brick
  • Prismarine Shard
  • Nether Quartz
  • Gold Ingot
  • Nether Brick
  • Glowstone Dust

"Assembly Required (Boom Town)"

  • Sand
  • Egg
  • TNT
  • Oak Wood (determinant)
  • Oak Wood Planks (determinant)
  • Cobblestone (determinant)
  • Stone Bricks (determinant)
  • Pink Wool (determinant)
  • Black Wool (determinant)
  • Stone
  • Bow
  • Arrow

"The Last Place You Look"

  • "Totemic Constructions of Peaceful Endermen" Record (determinant)
  • "The Folly of Pumpkins" Record (determinant)
  • "Enderman Observations, Part 27" Record (determinant)
  • "Calls of the Endermen" Record (determinant)
  • Enderman Suit
  • Blueprint
  • Hardened Clay
  • Gunpowder
  • Super TNT
  • Ellegaard's Armor (determinant)
  • Magnus' Armor (determinant)
  • Formidi-Bomb

"A Block and a Hard Place"

  • Sand
  • Cobblestone
  • Potato (determinant)
  • Cake (determinant)
  • Potion of Leaping (determinant)
  • Redstone
  • Slimeball
  • Piston
  • Sticky Piston
  • Block of Redstone
  • Oak Wood Planks (determinant)
  • Stick (determinant)
  • Lever (determinant)
  • Ghast Tear
  • Prismarine Shard
  • Sea Lantern
  • Packed Ice
  • Dragon Egg
  • Diamond
  • Diamond Sword (determinant)
  • Diamond Pickaxe (determinant)
  • Diamond Axe (determinant)
  • Diamond Shovel (determinant)
  • Diamond Hoe (determinant)
  • Command Block Diamond Sword (determinant)
  • Command Block Diamond Pickaxe (determinant)
  • Command Block Diamond Axe (determinant)
  • Command Block Diamond Shovel (determinant)
  • Command Block Diamond Hoe (determinant)
  • Adamantine Impervium (determinant)
  • Star Shield (determinant)
  • Dragonsbane (determinant)
  • Shield of Infinity (determinant)
  • Swordbreaker (determinant)
  • Ender Defender (determinant)
  • Redstone Riot (determinant)
  • Golden Goliath (determinant)
  • Snowball
  • Spruce Wood Planks (determinant)
  • Spruce Fence (determinant)
  • Rail (determinant)
  • Stone (determinant)
  • Oak Wood (determinant)
  • Obsidian (determinant)
  • Glowstone (determinant)
  • Slime Block (determinant)
  • Raw Porkchop
  • Withered Nether Star

"Order Up!"



"Reuben is my best friend."
—Jesse to Olivia about Reuben. (Determinant) src

Reuben was Jesse's pet pig. Jesse was very close to Reuben and cared for him. Reuben also felt the same way about Jesse and would go to great lengths to ensure their safety. When Reuben dies, Jesse is heartbroken and misses him greatly. They also feel guilty and think that Reuben died because of them (determinant).


"I'm proud of you, Olivia."
—Jesse to Olivia after they repaired the flying barge. src

Olivia and Jesse are best friends. They lived together in Jesse's Treehouse with Axel, and the three of them work as a team for most tasks. She also often played a silly little game with Jesse called "Which would you rather fight?". Olivia is a very insecure and pessimistic person, and she often confides in Jesse for help with this anxiety.


"I'm so proud to call you my friend."
—Jesse to Axel after he took the Amulet. (Determinant) src

Axel and Jesse are best friends. They lived together in a treehouse with Olivia, and the three of them work as a team for most tasks. Axel is happiest when all the things he considers awesome are also considered cool by Jesse.


Jesse: "YOU still hang out with me though."
Petra: "Well, yeah, but that's because I knew you when you were still just a nerd in a treehouse."
—Jesse and Petra in Bad Luck Alley. (Determinant) src

Petra is one of Jesse's best friends. Though it's unknown how they met, they have known each other for a long time, at least since when Jesse was living in their treehouse. At first, Petra finds Jesse annoying, but soon, they become allies and help each other. Later on, she becomes a member of Jesse's Gang and helps them fight the Wither Storm. Petra also confides in her secrets to Jesse, showing she strongly trusts them.


"Aw, come on. He's super funny and he makes me laugh."
—Jesse to Petra about Ivor. (Determinant)  src

In the beginning, Ivor and Jesse were enemies. But when Jesse finds out that Ivor is not a bad person, their relationship becomes much more stable and they become good friends. Jesse also thinks that Ivor sometimes makes them laugh. (Determinant)


"You're a good friend, Lukas. The fact that you're always thinking about others... It says a lot."
—Jesse to Lukas in Ivor's Secret Lab. (Determinant) src

In the beginning, Lukas unwillingly was Jesse's enemy. However, later on, Lukas teams up with Jesse's Gang against the Wither Storm. Through their actions, Jesse can either become close with Lukas or not so. If Jesse treats Lukas kind, in Episode 4, they are called friends and have a good chemistry. If Jesse is mean to Lukas, he will later tell Jesse they aren't close (and tell Jesse they told them to stay away from Reuben) friends and leave to go find his friends and will glare at Jesse angrily on the stage. They will reconcile in Episode 5 if Jesse is rude to Lukas. In Episode 8, if Jesse successfully gets Lukas' journal back, Lukas will ask Jesse to choose the ending. If Jesse chooses "...and he/she couldn't have done it without his/her friends", Lukas will close the book and say "You know something, I really like that", finishing the book and leaving their relationship on a glorious high.


"Hey, I'm just glad that you're on our side. Old Builder or not, you've been pretty cool."
—Jesse to Harper. (Determinant) src

Jesse and Harper have been seen as being good friends. However, like Lukas, Jesse's relationship with her is mainly based on the Player's actions. Harper also helped Jesse and the gang to get home, and if Harper is rejected at Crown Mesa, Jesse determinately offers for her to come with them.


"You said you believe in me, Jesse! So I thought that I return the favor and believe in everyone else!"
—Emily to Jesse after she came back with their friends. (Determinant) src

At first, Jesse and Emily weren't good friends, but later, Emily wanted to help Jesse. Though she betrayed Jesse, she didn't mean to, and they have the option to forgive her. Jesse can also choose to offer her the chance to come with them and join Jesse's Gang.


"You rock, Jesse Dude!"
—Nell to Jesse while they meet again in Beacontown. (Determinant) src

Before Jesse found out that Lukas and Petra/Ivor were going to respawn, they were enraged at Nell and can choose to attack her. Later though, when Nell shows Jesse her wheat farm, their relationship improves. They can become better friends if Jesse chooses to work with Emily and/or chooses to save Nell later on.


"I have great hopes in you, Jesse. Don't disappoint me."
—Otto to Jesse. (Determinant) src

From what Harper told him, Otto is impressed with Jesse's abilities and agrees to help Jesse win the Games. Being the only Old Builder who hopes that the Games stay fair, he promises to give Jesse the Atlas and help them return home.

Slab the Immovable

"In my life, I've done some things I'm not proud of. But I won't for bosses who use people or manipulate them. That's inconsiderate. But you? When I was mean to you, pushed you around and made you go to the tower with me? You got that I was just doin' my job and came anyway so we could be on time. That was real considerate."
—Slab comparing the Old Builders to Jesse, realizing that Jesse is a better leader. (Determinant) src

When they first met, Jesse unknowingly cheated in Spleef and blew Slab off his tower with TNT, and Slab disliked Jesse. Jesse's later actions will determine their relationship. Angering Slab by talking to Sebastian and making them late to see Hadrian, and/ or calling him a big lug will mean Slab will still hate them. On the flip side, if Jesse's actions are to his standards, Slab will become kinder towards them and will eventually join the group to finish the Old Builders. He will even sacrifice himself and experience the pain of respawning for Jesse. In the Portal Network, he will give Lukas back his journal.

The Order of the Stone

"But do you know what really mattered? Reuniting the Order. Because despite their problems and differences, they were the only mentors we had and without them we would never have made it. FOR THE ORDER!"
—Jesse praises the Order in their speech. (Determinant) src

Jesse used to see the group as their heroes and mentors, looking up for them. When the player chooses to go after either Magnus or Ellegaard, this greatly improves the relationship with the character. If Gabriel is saved, this greatly improves their relationship as well. After Jesse finds Soren in The End, Soren begins to view them as a friend and determinately Jesse accepts him. However, after the truth about the Order is discovered, they are disappointed and dismayed to have lost their heroes. Even after this, however, Jesse feels that they were good mentors.


"Jack, we need our best man over there, and you are our best man. "
—Jesse while sending Jack to destroy the Clock. (Determinant) src

In the beginning, Jesse can be skeptical or excited to meet Jack from what Petra told them. Though later, Jesse and Jack learned to care for each other, with Jack even referring Jesse as a "friend". In "Jailhouse Block", if Jack became Romeo's "champion" by smashing the clock with his diamond sword, he says he thought Jesse and the rest gave up on him, and Jesse can choose to say they would never give up on Jack.


"You're a real hero, Nurm. I'll never forget this."
—Jesse to Nurm in the Sunshine Institute. (Determinant) src

Nurm has been a close friend and a loyal supporter of Jesse since they met. Jesse determinately hugs Nurm in "Giant Consequences" and is happy to see Nurm if Jesse talks to Petra/Jack and Nurm in the Mush Room in the Sunshine Institute. Nurm was told by Jack to stay behind because it was really dangerous for him, Nurm accepted it and moved on. When Jesse has the choice of either leaving Lluna or Nurm, Nurm offers to stay so that Jesse and Lluna can leave. If he is left behind, however, Jesse will be saddened.


Jesse trusts Radar's abilities. They can leave Radar to manage Beacontown in "Hero in Residence" and "Above and Beyond". Radar also volunteers to come along with Jesse to Romeo's Icy Palace of Despair. When Romeo discredits Radar's strength, Jesse can defend him. If Jesse goes with Radar and Lukas, Jesse can determinately save Radar from falling into the water. In "Jailhouse Block", when Radar is worried about Jesse, Jesse can say the same back to him. When the Warden tortures Radar with the Iron Breathtaker, Jesse can choose to work for him and say to Radar they "did it for him." Radar, on the other hand, tells Jesse to refuse even when he is under torture.


"You can still fix things, Romeo. No matter what you've done, you're still a person. Like everyone else. You can be redeemed."
—Jesse to Romeo. (Determinant) src

In the beginning, Jesse and Romeo had a very hostile relationship, as Romeo tried to kill Jesse. In "Giant Consequences", Romeo wrecked Reuben's memorial and almost destroyed Beacontown, having Jesse determined to stop him. Romeo wants to hate Jesse. However, in "Above and Beyond", after Jesse removes Romeo's powers, they have the choice to bring Romeo with them. Later on, if Jesse took Romeo with them and Romeo survived, he will thank Jesse for saving him and will go fix the bad he's done in the Underneath.


"I do want to sincerely thank you, Jesse. For everything. You saw me... at my worst, and you still thought I was worth saving."
—Stella thanks Jesse for making her a better person. (Determinant) src

Jesse's relationship with Stella is determined by the player's choices. At first, Jesse disliked Stella, as she wanted to be their rival and tricked Petra by taking away her sword and keeping it for herself as a treasure. In "Jailhouse Block", Jesse has an option to either let Stella join the gang and help her escape the Sunshine Institute or to not help her. If Stella joins the gang, she will ask Jesse to take care of Lluna while she is away in Beacontown, and will willingly help Jesse to defeat Romeo. Otherwise, she will still be rude to Jesse and the others.


Season 1

Season 2


"I'd have to go with the giant chickens. Not because I want to or because I think it would be easy, but because they would be an abomination."
— Jesse to Olivia. (Determinant) src
"He's my wingman. People always wanna talk to the guy/girl with the pig."
—Jesse to Olivia. (Determinant) src
"But if that's the case... it means we win at being losers."
—Jesse to Olivia. (Determinant) src
"Well, have you heard the saying... it's possible to be nice and win?"
—Jesse to Lukas at the Endercon Building Competition. (Determinant) src
Jesse: "I would be honored to be your backup."
Petra: "Don't make such a big deal of it. I just said..."
Jesse: "You can come with me. I know. I was there. It was amazing."
—Jesse and Petra. (Determinant) src
"I don't wanna die!!!"
—Jesse falling off the bridge if they choose to fight. src
"Don't touch my pig!"
—Jesse telling Lukas to stay away from Reuben. (Determinant) src
"Reuben? No, not you gu-- pigs! All pigs but Reuben shut up!"
—Jesse while trying to find Reuben. (Determinant) src
"I don't know when; I don't know how; but someday, far in the future, when you're least expecting it... we WILL get our revenge."
—Jesse threatening Aiden. (Determinant) src
"Well, Ghasts are OFFICIALLY crossed off my to-see list. I'm done with Ghasts, never need to see them... oh crap."
—Jesse in The Nethersrc
"Can you throw up, like, inside your body?"
—Jesse to Olivia. src
"Axel, you'd think a poisonous potato was awesome if it had TNT strapped to it."
—Jesse to Axel. (Determinant) src
"A bow? In a cannon fight? Axel! There are all sorts of clichéd lines about this!"
—Jesse to Axel. (Determinant) src
"Flying pig jokes are totally played out."
—Jesse to Magnus. (Determinant) src
"Okay. Reuben, it's time for a game of... Super Pig!"
—Jesse launching Reuben. (Determinant) src
"Ah, what can I say, me and redstone just, you know, speak to each other."
—Jesse to Olivia. (Determinant) src
"I never wanted to be a hero... but I'm willing to do the heroic thing."
—Jesse to the group. (Determinant) src
"Yeah, good point. Let's just sit here and sing songs instead. First song is called, "How We Gave Up At the Finish Line.. Because of Lukas.""
—Jesse being sarcastic to Lukas. (Determinant) src
"Well, maybe that is a lot of pressure for just a person and a pig. But we have to find a way."
—Jesse to Reuben. (Determinant) src
"Well... and they made fun of me when I deserved it. But that's how we are."
—Jesse referring to their friends. (Determinant) src
"My hero, Reuben the pig. He may have seemed like just a pig to most people... but he was so much more."
—Jesse referring to Reuben. (Determinant) src
"Well, well, well. If it isn't Aiden and the Pussycats."
—Jesse to Aiden and his group. (Determinant) src
"Dude, why are you being such a tool?"
—Jesse to Aiden. (Determinant) src
"Gotta go fast."
—Jesse after drinking a Swiftness Potion. (Determinant) src
"Can't stop what you can't see."
—Jesse after drinking an Invisibility Potion. (Determinant) src
"Come on - we need to stop him."
—Jesse to Isa about Aidensrc
"Hey! Cats suck!"
—Jesse to Cassie. (Determinant) src
"Don't worry Petra, we're gonna stop the white pumpkin way before he can hurt anyone else, it's gonna be fine."
—Jesse to Petra. (Determinant) src
"Heeere kitty. Here you pain-in-the-butt kitty."
—Jesse to Winslow. (Determinant) src
"We're a team. We all go together."
—Jesse to the group. src
"You better keep away from us, or I'll make you hurt in places you didn't even know existed."
—Jesse to griefers. (Determinant) src
"Let's go wreck the heck out of PAMA!"
—Jesse to Ivor and Lukas/Petrasrc
"Intriguing? Ivor, why whatever do you mean by that?"
—Jesse talking to Ivor. (Determinant) src
"LET GO! We're all just a bunch of happy mobs, right? LET GO!"
—Jesse to the mind controlled monsters. src
"Technology is so awesome!"
—Jesse to Ivorsrc
"Never tell me the odds!"
—Jesse to PAMAsrc
"Fight it, Petra/Lukas. I need you to help me fight PAMA."
—Jesse to Petra/Lukas while inside PAMA. (Determinant) src
"OVER?! I'm just getting started."
—Jesse to PAMA. (Determinant) src
"Well, I'm Jesse, and we're the Order of the Stone. Boom!"
—Jesse introducing their Gang to the formerly Mind Controlled Citizens. (Determinant) src
"That's... what she said."
—Jesse to Lukas/Petra and Ivorsrc
"Gravel?! GRAVEL?! That's worse than dirt!"
—Jesse talking at The Walls. (Determinant) src
"I did it to save you guys, that's what this has been all about!"
—Jesse to their friends. (Determinant) src
"I hate you."
—Jesse quietly saying to Facemeat. (Determinant) src
"We can do this together!"
—Jesse giving a speech to the competitors. (Determinant) src
"Please, pretty please let them go?"
—Jesse to Facemeat. (Determinant) src
"The point is... shut up and let me talk."
—Jesse to Em. (Determinant) src
"You killed one of my best friends. I don't care about your compliments and I'm DEFINITELY not your "brah"."
—Jesse to Nell. (Determinant) src
"As someone once told me... teamwork makes the dream work."
—Jesse, quoting CaptainSparklez. (Determinant) src
"Aww, come on, you know you're more important to me than all of them."
—Jesse to Petra. (Determinant) src
"Wait. Lemme get this straight. This quest what just to track down a stupid llama?!"
—Jesse to Petra, when first seeing Lluna. src
"Whoo! That would've been dumb! If it wasn't so AWESOME!"
—Jesse after shoving several Charged Creepers over the edge with the Prismarine Gauntletsrc
"I have lots of names too. The people of Sky City call me the Ground-Finder. Other people know me as the Wither Slayer. YOU can call me... Jesse."
—Jesse in response to Jack. (Determinant) src
"I know it's pretty intense, but you don't have to be scared, Jack."
—Jesse to Jack in the Sea Temple. (Determinant) src
"Now if our only way out wasn't blocked by all those freaky soldiers."
—Jesse in the Sea Temple. src
Jesse: "I don't think; I know!"
—Jesse fighting Romeo. src
"Sometimes you just gotta fake it Radar. Hero time."
—Jesse to Radar, encouraging him to jump across. (Determinant) src
"The only loser I see here? Is you."
—Jesse to Romeo. (Determinant) src
"No freaking way, Warden. Go eat a slimeball."
—Jesse if they refuse to work for the Warden. (Determinant) src
"Go to the Nether and... jump in a... lava lake, Warden."
—Jesse if they refuse to shear Geoff the Mooshroom. (Determinant) src
"So, Jesse, how was your day? Oh, it was great. Met a red, glow-y... all-powerful crazy person who trapped me in a near-indestructible cage."
—Jesse talking to themself. (Determinant) src
"I can't just leave them here."
—Jesse to Xara, when Xara tells to leave either Lluna or Nurm behind. src
"Here, I found this, and... there are good things left, if you look for them."
—Jesse giving Xara her bed. (Determinant) src
"Lapis blue... same color as my underwear."
—Jesse. (Determinant) src
"I'll be right there with you, Petra. If you think your place is out there, then so is mine."
—Jesse to Petra in the cabin. (Determinant) src
"You have to do what's best for you, Petra, and no matter how far that takes you... you'll always know where to find me. "
—Jesse to Petra in the cabin. (Determinant) src
"Let's go stop Romeo. His days of being 'Jesse' are over."
—Jesse and Petra leaving the cabin. src

"Go for it Radar. I"ll see you topside."
—Jesse to Radar (determinant) src
"I always knew you were a big ol' softy."
—Jesse when hugging Petra. (Determinant) src
"Administrate this."
—Jesse to Romeo, before defeating him. src


  • Jesse is one of three characters in Minecraft: Story Mode that has two or more voice actors, the others being Olivia in Season 2 and Romeo.
  • In "A Block and a Hard Place" if Jesse chooses to eat the potatoes, they mention that potatoes are their favorite food.
  • In The Order of the Stone, if Jesse goes back to save Lukas, they mention that their motto is "No man left behind".
  • Jesse is the only character in Minecraft: Story Mode who can be either male or female.
    • Telltale left an easter egg to this when TorqueDawg states that Jesse is a boy's/girl's name, depending on the opposite gender.
  • Isa has a near-striking resemblance to the caucasian female Jesse.
  • It is revealed in A Journey's End? that Jesse is ambidextrous, as they can use a pickaxe equally well with their left and right hands.
  • Jesse has almost every skill for the different classes: builder, griefer, redstonist, architect, and warrior.
    • The only group Jesse doesn't have a skill for is the mage/alchemist group.
  • Sometimes, a glitch in "A Portal to Mystery" causes Jesse's portrait to depict the caucasian male Jesse without armor, regardless of appearance choice.
    • Curiously enough, this means that the portrait picture was designed when Jesse could not have lost their armor.
  • Jesse appears in every episode title-card, except for "Assembly Required", "Giant Consequences", and "Above and Beyond".
  • Ivor, The White Pumpkin (or Cassie Rose), and PAMA have all commented on Jesse's tenacity during their struggles to survive:
    • In "Assembly Required", Ivor, before fighting Jesse and Petra/Gabriel, has commented on their tenacity.
    • In "A Portal to Mystery", The White Pumpkin calls Jesse "incredibly tenacious".
    • In "Access Denied", PAMA calculates that Jesse's bravery and tenacity are impressive qualities.
  • Jesse is one of the clumsiest characters in the series, managing to drop/lose the amulet multiple times, fall over multiple times, and drop items such as the Command Block Weapon and the Enchanted Flint and Steel.
  • Jesse is the only character who appears in every episode of Minecraft: Story Mode regardless of player actions.
  • Jesse has, by far, the most aliases in total in Minecraft: Story Mode. This is most likely because of how much screentime they get, as well as the fact that they will be called something different depending on their gender.
  • Contrary to popular belief, "Jesse" is only a masculine name. The feminine version is "Jessie", a shortened version of "Jessica", while "Jesse" is a name of a completely different origin.
  • If the player decides to import their old save in season 2, they are allowed to re-choose Jesse's appearance and even gender for the season. However, if either is chosen, no explanation is given for the change.
  • Due to a glitch in "Giant Consequences", every Jesse variant has light green eyes for said episode.
  • In "Below the Bedrock", when figuring out Fred's favorite color for the trivia contest, it is confirmed that Jesse wears lapis blue underwear. They can later tell this to Ivor, much to his discomfort.
  • It was revealed by Eric Stirpe that Jesse is the shortest member of the New Order of the Stone.
  • There was a glitch in "The Last Place You Look" where if you pick brown male Jesse, (the one with green suspenders) when he is fighting the wither storm 'till the end of the episode, they can be brown female Jesse, except when he has no nose, but still has a original voice.


For all images related to Jesse, see Jesse/Gallery.


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