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"The Warriors of the Whispering Mountain call me 'The Stab-Walker'. The Air Titans of the East call me 'He Who Slashes Like Thunder'. But you may call me... 'Jack'."
—Jack introducing himself. src

Jack is a main character in Minecraft: Story ModeSeason 2. He first appeared in "Hero in Residence" and is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.



Jack has dirty-blonde hair and a beard, brown eyebrows, and one black pupil and one gray pupil that he calls his "bad eye." He wears a blue vest (called "The Vest of Five Fists," gifted to him by the Singing Clerics of Try'bal Cliff [1]), black gloves, white pants with brown and blue stripes, and black shoes. His left eye is determinately damaged if the player chooses to help Petra get her sword instead of rescuing him in the Sea Temple, and he will have an eye patch for the rest of the game.

In "Jailhouse Block", if Jack doesn't become Romeo's "champion", he wears an orange prisoner jumpsuit with the sleeves ripped off.

Jack can get a red Romeo's Gauntlet and have his clothing be mainly red in color in "Jailhouse Block", if the player chose him to get the Clock in "Giant Consequences". The Gauntlet will later be removed by Romeo, but the "champion" clothing will remain for the rest of the game until the later part of "Above and Beyond".

In "Below the Bedrock", if the player refuses to give their swords to Porkchop, Jack will fall off a cliff and have his clothing be mainly dirty; his hair will become messy and will have his clothing mainly covered in dirt and grime.


Jack is a resilient fighter, and he cares and protects his friends, such as Petra. The same goes for his romantic partner, Nurm. He constantly blames himself for the death of his other friends, as he was traumatized after Vos and Sammy were gone and was determined to get Nurm back if Jesse chose to leave Nurm behind. This makes him resentful towards the Admins, as he refuses to believe that The Admin exists in "Hero in Residence" and doubts Xara's credibility in "Jailhouse Block", believing that all Admins act like Romeo, who caused the deaths of Vos and Sammy.

Jack is also an experienced adventurer. He is shown to be very proud of his adventures, often telling his stories and recalling his experiences with mythical societies. Most of his claims, however, are shown to be false, either being improvised or punned.



"You know what? You inspired me."
—Jack to Jesse. (Determinant) src

Jack trusts Jesse enough to go to a Sea Temple with him/her and Petra. In "Jailhouse Block", if Jack isn't a Romeo's "champion", he says that he was scared for Jesse when he/she got teleported away by Romeo in "Giant Consequences". Although Jack questioned Jesse's leadership in "Hero in Residence" (determinant), he seems to support Jesse in later episodes.


"It's just like I told you... Jack might be the best adventurer in town!"
—Petra to Jesse about Jack. src

Petra is a fan of Jack and is excited to see him. Jack trusts her enough to go to the Sea Temple with her and Jesse and even invites her to go adventuring with him. When Jack loses an eye (determinant), Petra feels very sorry for him.


"This is Nurm. My other half."
—Jack presents Nurm to Jesse and Petra. src

Jack and Nurm share a close relationship, as Jack calls Nurm his "Other Half." Jack cares greatly for protecting Nurm, even though it causes Jack to get his eye hurt (determinant). If Jesse decides to bring Lluna and leave Nurm behind in Xara's cage, Jack gets really upset with him/her and vows to get him back. However, if Lluna is left behind, while Jack will be grateful that Jesse made Nurm come with him/her, Nurm starts to worry about her. When Nurm starts tearing up when he finds a pink carpet that reminds him of Lluna, Jack comforts him.


"I found a Gauntlet just like that once... Teamed up with my friends Vos and Sammy to follow its trail. Neither of them made it out alive."
—Jack. src

Vos was an old friend of Jack's until they were separated when adventuring to the Sea Temple with Jack, Nurm, and Sammy. Jack was also happy to be reunited with Vos, and Vos was the same. Vos is also worried for Jack when he gets hit by one of the statues controlled by Romeo (determinant). If Jesse decides to go with Petra in "Giant Consequences", Jack will get mad at them for not being able to save Vos, afraid that he’d lose him again. Later Jack would find out that the Vos in front of them was a disguise of Romeo. He shows a lot of grief after The Admin says that the real Vos died in the Sea Temple many years ago. He blames himself for not realizing that "Vos" was actually Romeo in "Jailhouse Block" (determinant).


Jack and Sammy were friends, other than that, not much is known of Jack and Sammy's relationship, but Jack is upset over finding out that Sammy was killed by an Elder Guardian in the Sea Temple.


Jack's relationship between Xara can slightly differ depending on whether he became Romeo's "champion" or not. If Jack was not Romeo's "champion," he will heavily distrust Xara and believe that she is a danger to Jesse and the others. If Jack was Romeo's "champion", he will believe that they need Xara's help, but will still not trust her due to her past of being an Admin, and that Sammy died due to Admin's created Elder Guardian and that Admin stole Vos' identity.


At first, Jack cares about Lluna. This is shown when Stella hits her in "Giant Consequences". In "Jailhouse Block", if Nurm is left behind in Xara’s cell, he will turn hostile against Lluna and often blames her. They will eventually start to appreciate each other in "Below the Bedrock".


Jack views Ivor as his idol, for he was one of the founding members of the Old Order of the Stone. He is very excited to see Ivor. This can be similarly seen with Petra being excited to see him. Jack also finds his messed-up emporium embarrassing in front of him.


  • An enchanted diamond sword
  • Sammy's Inventory (Bow, Leather chestplate & pants, Empty bottle, Diamond)
  • Romeo's Gauntlet (Determinant, unwillingly and formerly)
  • Diamonds (Determinant and formerly)
  • Iron sword
  • Elytra wings (formerly)


"There are lots of 'signs' in the world; not everyone's brave enough to follow them."
—Jack. (Determinant) src
"That sass won't fix the pit any faster, you know."
—Jack to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Always good to see a hero that knows their own worth."
—Jack to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"The bold silence, the bold beginning."
—Jack noticing Jesse's silence. (Determinant) src
"So what can I do for you today? Desert temple? Woodland manssAAIE - Whoa!"
—Jack to Jesse and Petra before seeing Jesse's Prismarine Gauntlet. src
"The world's a lot bigger than you think it is, Jesse."
—Jack to Jesse. src
"The 'rules' as you know them? How the world works? Those don't always apply in this Temple."
—Jack to Jesse, Petra, and Nurm before entering the Sea Temple. src
"But burning the map couldn't erase the... horrible memories. And thanks to my perfect sense of direction, I couldn't forget the location of the Temple if I tried."
—Jack to Jesse and Petra. src
"Yeah. Friends are the best. Love... having friends."
—Jack, reminded of his two deceased friends, Vos and Sammy. (Determinant) src
"It's time to chart a course... for Doom Sea."
—Jack before going on the adventure with Jesse's Gang. src
"Whaaat? Come on. Time to show this goon what the Skitarro Crag-Jumpers do to town destroyers!"
—Jack if Jesse chose to play cool with Romeo. (Determinant) src
"Ah, it's nothing. It's just my perfect reflexes and photographic muscle memory."
—Jack after his landing. src
"Haven't seen anything that grand since the last time I visited the Overcompensating Builders of E'gesh."
—Jack seeing the Icy Palace of Despairsrc
"I trained with the TNT Jugglers of Tristy Cove. 'Careful' is the only way I know."
—Jack. (Determinant) src
"So that must've been the treasure the llama was after."
—Jack to Jesse talking about the diamonds, while solving the puzzle. (Determinant) src
Jack: "Hey! I ever told you about the time I freed the M'undari Fishchasers?"
Jesse: "No?"
Jack: "Then I won't bother, because it wasn't half as impressive as this."
—Jack to Jesse after smashing the Clock. (Determinant) src
"I need to find him."
—Jack reminding the others about Vos. src
"Vos... the whole time?"
—Jack after "Vos" reveals his true identity. src
"Identity theft is no joke."
—Jack. src
"Maybe, but a friend that abandons a friend is no friend, and I am a friend, friend."
—Jack to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Well, no matter what it takes, no matter how many heads I have to clobber, I will get him back."
—Jack determined to come back for Nurm. (Determinant) src
"Everybody knows there's nothing under the bedrock except... nothing! And also certain death."
—Jack arguing with Xara. src
"You are both clearly disturbed individuals."
—Jack to PorkChop (Human) and another scavenger. (Determinant) src
"When you set off that firework Binta gave you, I'll come running. And hopefully I'll have a few new friends with me."
—Jack to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Ha, looks like all my training from Marsh Hoppers of the Har'lang Swamps totally paid off."
—Jack after saving Jesse. src
"Well just be like the noble light of truth and shine through the darkness of the mess. Only then will you scatter the shadows and reveal your goal."
—Jack to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Oh, ohmi-- ohmigosh. Do you know who that is? That is Ivor, a founding freaking member of the Order of the freaking Stone. That is a legend. Standing in front of us, Nurm. Within arm's reach. And my shop is a complete wreck! This is so totally embarrassing."
—Jack to Nurm, freaking out about Ivorsrc
"This is very bittersweet for me, y'know. Goodbyes are... no good. That we have, Nurmie. So I won't say it this time. Not to people I will see again."
—Jack to Petra and Nurm. src



  • Jack is able to understand Villagerese, as shown when he communicates with Nurm. However, he does not communicate in Villagerese because he has a terrible accent. [2]
  • Jack may have suffered from PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) after his first experience in the Sea Temple. He displays symptoms such as survivor's guilt, panic attacks, and having a reluctancy to go to the site of the accident.
  • Stella calling Jack "Jacques" might be a reference to the first draft of the game, where Jack was depicted as a person who insisted that his name was pronounced "Jacques." [3]
  • Jack is the second character to sing in Minecraft: Story Mode with his song, "Jack's Lament". The first being Soren, with "Soren's Farewell Song", and the third being Radar with "Taste My Bravery".
  • With every outfit Jack wears, there is an "eyepatch" and "no eyepatch" variant. This makes Jack have the second highest number of outfit variants in the game, after Jesse.
  • In some scenes of the game, Jack's good eye/ only eye looks very dark green instead of black.
  • It is never mentioned nor revealed how Jack got his "bad eye".



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