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"If anyone's short on lava, this is the place to get more!"
Ivor to everyone. src

Ivor's Pad (formerly known as Ivor's Lava House), is a house that Ivor built in "Order Up!". It is a towering building with holes for lava to pour down.



The Lava House is located in Beacontown, where Reuben's memorial and the Order Hall are also located.


The base of the house is constructed out of nether bricks made to resemble tentacles, while the top mainly consists of stone bricks with several lapis lazuli blocks and a lot of vines formed into a skull shape. As the former title suggests, there is lava pouring out of the front of the building.


  • In "Order Up!", Jesse can decide to either let Ivor's lava house be taken down, or let it stay.
  • In "Hero in Residence", depending on the choice from "Order Up!", the lava house (now dubbed as a pad) can flow with water (if taken down) or still flow with lava (if left alone) by Nell's beach house.




  • When building the bridge from the island to Sky City, Ivor builds a replica of the house, that consists of a simple skull shape built out of dirt and lava pouring down the side. He claims it is either in honor of his house if it is taken down, or because he "couldn't help himself".
  • If Jesse, upon first seeing the house, claims it is awesome, Axel will agree and a small gray box appears in the left hand corner saying it was "awesome".
  • After Jesse decided whether Ivor's Lava House is allowed to stay or be demolished, Axel and Olivia went to either mine iron in order to craft buckets to help remove the lava or collect sand in order to make glass and surround the lava. This is the primary reason they did not accompany Jesse, Ivor, Lukas, and Petra during the later events in episodes five, six, and seven.
  • Ivor's Pad is confirmed to be Ivor and Harper's laboratory.[1]



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