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The Icy Golem is a boss mob that can be fought optionally in "Giant Consequences". Its appearance is similar to an Iron Golem, but with white skin, three buttons across its torso, and a pumpkin over its head. Upon being unmasked, its face is shown to be stuck in a dazed expression, and crafted with minimal detail.


  • In "Giant Consequences", if Jesse goes with Radar and Lukas, and after the shooting gallery scene, Romeo summons smaller versions of the Icy Golem. While escaping the smaller ones for a few seconds, the Icy Golem is summoned, and Jesse has to fight it and get its pumpkin mask to escape the room. Jesse eventually kills the Icy Golem, and Jesse, Lukas, and Radar escape the room (determinant).


Killed By:

  • Jesse (Determinant)
  • Lukas (Off-Screen, Determinant)

If Jesse goes with Lukas and Radar, Jesse kills the Icy Golem by taking off its legs to get to its head. Jesse pulls it off its pumpkin mask, and it is killed.

If Jesse goes with Petra, Jack, and "Vos," Lukas was the one to kill it, evident by him escaping the shooting gallery room.




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