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The Heckmouth, coined by Petra, is a mysterious hole in Minecraft: Story Mode, and a significant plot point of "Hero in Residence". Jesse uses the Structure Block to seal it off at the end of the episode.



The Heckmouth is an ominous, large, square pit, bordered by special blocks with spiral designs. A strong blue-green light emits from it, and at its bottom is a foggy, swirling mass of unknown properties. At the beginning of "Hero in Residence", it is covered by a pile of sand, on top of which the Prismarine Gauntlet is found. After Jesse takes the gauntlet, the sand collapses into the pit, almost taking Jesse with it.


The Heckmouth is located in the Overworld, in a cavern near the surface. It is close to the road between Beacontown and Champion City.


The Heckmouth regularly spews out charged creepers, which are capable of immense destruction. It is unknown what happens to any entity who falls into it. The Heckmouth is capable of destroying blocks, although it is successfully sealed with the Structure Block.


  • The origins of the Heckmouth are unknown and are never much explored, although the relation to the Prismarine Gauntlet suggests a connection to Romeo.
  • "Heckmouth" is obviously a more child-friendly parody of the word "hellmouth".


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