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"This is incredible! Such amazing use of scale and angles!"
Jesse commenting on Hadrian's office. (Determinant) src

Hadrian's Palace is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode that appears in "A Journey's End?".



Hadrian's palace is located on a mountain in a snow biome, within the Old Builder's world. It overlooks the Competitors' Village and is also located relatively close to The Games arena.



The interior of Hadrian's palace consists of a quartz floor with obsidian and purple stained glass patterns surrounded by a border of gold blocks. The walls consist of quartz pillars and chiseled quartz. Obsidian pillars which reach up to the high ceiling made completely out of gold, as seen from the outside. The front of the room overlooking the Competitors' Village contains a series of windows made out of white stained glass which are separated by more obsidian pillars. There are several sea lanterns used for lighting. Many bookcases are also present, including some set into the walls.




  • The interior of Hadrian's palace contains obsidian, quartz and gold blocks. Hadrian, Mevia, and Otto are known to use these blocks respectively.
  • If Jesse chooses to show Hadrian the cyan enchanted flint and steel, Hadrian will comment that The Old Builders have "castles filled with chests, which are filled with flint ​and steels". It ​is possible that Hadrian could be referring to his palace. However, he could also be referring to entirely different locations or portal dimension.
    • He could also be referring to the temples where they store the enchanted flint and steels, such as the one in the Overworld that Jesse and his/her friends visited.
  • If Jesse chooses to investigate several bookshelves found inside Hadrian's palace, he/she will discover a book called "A Man Forever Voyaging", by Soren.
  • Jesse can see his/her friends from the window if he/she chooses to look. He/She can also tap the glass and cause a bat to fly away.


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