"You see, here at the Sunshine Institute there are two types of guests: people who made The Admin extra-angry, such as yourself and your punch-happy friend down there... Aaaand there are people who The Admin sends to make sure that the first group will, ah, be well-behaved."
—The Warden to Jesse. src

"Guests" (Inmates) are characters in Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2. They have been imprisoned in the Sunshine Institute by Romeo if they have done something to him, or annoyed him in any way.



"Guests" wear orange prisoner suits and are forced to follow strict rules which limit their food source, while associates are tasked to keep the "guests" in line.

Notable "Guests"


  • Jesse can choose to be either an "associate" or "guest", and the length of each role is also determinant. If Jesse is an "associate" at the beginning and refuses to shear Geoff, he/she can be demoted to a "guest."
    • Or if Jesse refuses to join the Warden at the start and shears Geoff, then he/she will be promoted to "associate."
  • The Warden mentions that he was once a "guest" before he got promoted.


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