Jesse: "You are all such strong, amazing fighters - you could fight the Old Builders! Defeat them!"
Clutch: "No way. I am very strong... but not strong enough for that."
Facemeat: "Yup. That is some straight crazy talk."
Jesse trying to persuade the Gladiators. (Determinant). src

The Gladiators are a group of warriors serving the Old Builders to beat the Competitors in The Games. The first appear in "A Journey's End?".



There are seven current gladiators and one former gladiator seen in Episode 8:

  • Emily (Formerly, Determinant; Possibly)
  • Slab the Immovable
  • Clutch
  • Facemeat
  • Capital T (Displayed as "Beefy Dude")
  • A gladiator with a pink mohawk (either Meatface or Headpunch).
  • A gladiator with a cyan mohawk (either Meatface or Headpunch).
  • Thundersteak or Shinstomper (blond gladiator with the hat, exact name forgotten).


The Gladiators wear very strong armor. Some wears helmets for protection (Example: Capital T a.k.a. "Beefy Dude" wears a Corinthian Helmet).


Gladiators are very strong and skilled fighters. Their job is to keep the games unbeatable. They knock competitors out by throwing TNT, firing flame arrows, or melee combats using enchanted diamond weapons.

At the time off of game matches, gladiators guard in Competitors' Village. They also prevent defeated competitors from escaping the quartz mines.


  • All the gladiators have a 2.5 meter build, like Axel.
  • The unnamed blonde gladiator resembles Lukas before official release.
  • After Em passes a stone sword to Jesse in game "The Walls," the gladiators start questioning if they should keep the game running.
    • Then, after Hadrian and Mevia's downfall, the gladiators take the "revenge" to them two before they two are sent to the wasteland with big chickens or tiny zombies. (Determinant)
  • "Meatface," and "Headpunch" aren't shown to be which one in-game. The names were revealed by Eric Stirpe, one of the writers of Minecraft: Story Mode. (Link)
  • The gladiators, alongside Axel, Reuben (Human), Emily, and Stella's guards are the only named characters in Minecraft: Story Mode to have bigger builds.
  • If Emily stays behind to work on The Games, it is unknown if she becomes a Gladiator again or a Competitor.


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