"That's the biggest... Enderman... I've ever seen!"
Radar astounded to see the Giant Enderman. src

The Giant Enderman is an antagonist that first appeared briefly in "Jailhouse Block", it played the role as the primary antagonist during Below the Bedrock. It is an exclusive variant of Endermen, created by Romeo.


The Giant Enderman is, like the name suggests, a giant Enderman with minor differences, such as a glowing, purple mouth.


  • In the ending of "Jailhouse Block", before the episode ends, the camera moves slowly to the Giant Enderman, and it screeches.
  • In "Below the Bedrock", it appeared near the tower to the Sunshine Institute, tearing it apart, having to force Jesse, Petra, Jack, Radar, Nurm/Lluna, and Xara to flee. It reappeared near the Oasis, while Jesse, Petra, Jack, Radar, and Nurm/Lluna are riding mine carts. When the gang reunite near the portal to escape the Underneath, the Giant Enderman tries to tear it apart, but failing. Fred's people or Radar are either left behind by Jesse to distract the Giant Enderman to escape.
  • In "Above and Beyond", if Radar is left behind in the previous episode, the Giant Enderman will enter the Terminal Space and fight against the glitched Prismarine Colossus.

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