"Another... book. Great. But it's unmarked. No author."
Jesse seeing Fred's Journal. src

Fred's Journal is a journal written by Fred. There are two copies of it, one in his house in Fred's Keep, and the other is hidden in the cabin in Romeoburg.



Fred's Journal looks like a regular cyan-blue book, but they are unmarked.


"I know I had my doubts, but it was worth leaving home. I'm glad I had Xara and Romeo with me. I don't know what Romeo wants anymore. It hurts. All I wanted was the three of us, together. Maybe we should have never left the cabin. We weren't just happy there. We were home."

"Dear Xara, if you're reading this, I'm already gone. I hid this in one place I knew you would look for it. Fitting the key to ending all this would be here... where it all started. This is the key to defeating Romeo... #POTATO451. Take this word of passage and use it at the primary terminal. You can take away his power and end this. I still have hopes for Romeo. He just wanted us to stay together... more than anything. I know that's why he's doing this. Maybe I'm being foolish, but I need to know for sure before taking the step. Though I guess if you're here, I got my answer. Maybe someday we'll be together again. Your friend, always... Fred."



  • Lapis blue is revealed to be Fred's favorite color, but the color of his journal is much lighter.


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