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"There's something else you should know. There was a third Admin, named Fred."
Xara to Jesse about Fred. src

Fred is a deceased character in Minecraft: Story Mode, Season Two. He was also an Admin, as mentioned by Xara, and knew the key to defeating Romeo, the Golden Gauntlet. He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.



Fred had a lapis-blue skin color, red pupils, turquoise and navy blue clothes, and dark blue hair. He had a bigger build of two and a half blocks tall, unlike the other admins, which have the normal build.


"Fred's true spirit didn't lie with his exterior, Kent, but what was underneath."
Binta to Kent about Fred. src

Fred's hologram record and journal show that he cared deeply about his friends. Unlike Xara, Fred believed that Romeo could be redeemed. Despite knowing he could be killed at any time, Fred had hope for Romeo. He also had no intentions to conquer other worlds, unlike Romeo. He was also mentioned to be kindhearted.



"Fred was the best of us, cut down. I can't let it stand."
—Xara to Jesse about Fred. 

Xara and Fred were very good friends until Fred's death, and Xara seemed sad when Fred died and afterward. Other than that, not much else is known about their relationship.


Even though Romeo was the one who killed Fred, Fred believed that Romeo could be redeemed. Fred also came to Romeo with the best of intentions, as mentioned by Xara.



Killed By

  • Romeo

In an unknown argument between Romeo, Fred, and Xara, Romeo challenged the two Admins and killed Fred in the process. Xara reveals that Fred was killed in front of her in a room in The Underneath, and that it was "slow."


"Then good luck, Xara. I think you might need it."
—Fred to Xara (despite Jesse being the receiver) in his hologram record, after Jesse or Jack answers. (Determinant) src


  • Eric Stirpe confirmed Fred was named "Fred" to rhyme with "dead". [1]
  • Although he is never shown alive, there are some facts about him that are revealed by other characters.
    • Fred's favorite tool was a diamond hoe, as mentioned by Hilda.
    • Fred's favorite color was lapis-blue, as mentioned by Wanda.
    • Fred's favorite wood was birch, as mentioned by Xara.
    • Fred's favorite food was bread, as mentioned by Kent.
    • Fred had a chicken named Waffles, as mentioned by Willy.
    • Fred had a horse named Nugget, as mentioned by Binta.
  • Fred is one of the characters with the actor with the same first name, others being Owen and Lydia.
  • Fred and Jack have the same voice actor.
  • Fred is the only Admin whose status was confirmed dead and is not determinant.
  • Fred is the only Admin who has a bigger build, similar to Axel, Reuben (human), Em, Clutch, Oxblood, Rodrigo, and Slab.
  • Fred is also the only Admin who never made an appeareance in person, unlike Romeo and Xara. This is due to the fact that Fred was killed by Romeo, as mentioned by Xara.
    • He is also the only Admin who doesn't appear in his human form, since Romeo and Xara are both shown without their powers.
  • If Jesse chooses "Not at all" after Fred's record comes to "Do you understand?", it will replay the explanation of the functioning of the gauntlet, and repeats if "Not at all" is still chosen. However, Jack will eventually explain in his own words after a bit.
  • Fred might have known Soren, because he has a book created by Soren titled A Brave New Enderman which is located in his town. This makes Fred one of the characters that might possibly know who Soren is, with the others being Hadrian, The White Pumpkin, Isa, and Harper.



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