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The Formidi-Bomb, a.k.a. the "F-Bomb," is an advanced and rare version of TNT in Minecraft: Story Mode.




The Formidi-Bomb is a purple variant of TNT emblazoned with a glowing letter "F." It appears to have a Command Block-esque design on the side.


The Formidi-Bomb is a very dangerous item, stronger than a regular TNT block. Once crafted, there is a few seconds' delay before it detonates. While it is crafted with the intention of killing the Wither Storm, it is not strong enough to destroy the command block at its center, and only results in splitting the Wither Storm into three.

Crafting Recipe

Gunpowder item.png Gunpowder item.png Gunpowder item.png
Gunpowder item.png Super TNT Gunpowder item.png CraftingUIArrow.jpg Formidibomb.png
Gunpowder item.png Gunpowder item.png Gunpowder item.png


  • "Formidi-" is short for "formidable", which means difficult to deal with or overcome.
  • Magnus and Axel call the Formidi-Bomb the "F-Bomb", a joke about the f-word
  • The Formidi-Bomb consumes the Crafting Table that is used to create it.
  • Unlike TNT, once the F-Bomb is crafted, it explodes in around 10 seconds.
    • It is unknown how Soren knows this, as it is clearly stated in Episode 4 that no one has crafted the bomb before Jesse.
  • Its explosion radius is high enough to destroy Obsidian, so it must be higher than 6,000, but lower than 18,000,000.