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For the Minecraft: Story Mode exclusive tool that can be used to light special Portals, see Enchanted Flint and Steel.

A Flint and Steel or Flint & Steel, is a tool found in Minecraft, used to light things on fire. In Minecraft: Story Mode, it is one of the first items obtained, along with the Shears and a Wooden Sword.



  • In Episode 1, if Jesse doesn't light the Nether Portal in time, Petra takes the Flint and Steel from him/her and lights it herself.
  • In Episode 3, where Jesse mistakenly pulls out the flint and steel, it could have been used to burn the bookcases blocking the exit. However, this was a mistake and was supposedly added for humor.
  • Strangely, Jesse needs to light up the machine in Episode 4 with a Flint and Steel, instead of a Redstone Torch or a Lever.
  • "Flint and Steel" and "Flint & Steel" are interchangeable.
  • In Minecraft: Story Mode, "Enchanted Flint and Steel" means an exclusive item rather an ordinary set with normal enchantment(s).
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