"Oh, that's the crown we put on the Eversource Chickens so we'd be able to tell them apart from the regular chickens."
Mevia to Jesse upon seeing the Eversource Crown. (Determinant) src

The Eversource Crown is an item found exclusively in Minecraft: Story Mode and is Benedict's crown.


  • In "Order Up!", Jesse receives the Eversource Crown as a parting gift from Isa.
    • It is being worn by Benedict throughout the episode.
  • In "A Portal to Mystery", the Eversource Crown can be seen in Jesse's inventory, but is not used.
  • In "Access Denied", the Eversource Crown appears in Jesse's inventory and can be used against the Mind-Controlled Citizens, but this fails and causes Jesse to be chipped by PAMA.
  • In "A Journey's End?", Jesse can choose to show the Eversource Crown to The Old Builders. Later, Jesse places the Eversource Crown on a pedestal in the Order Hall, where it currently resides.


  • It was revealed by Mevia that there were once numerous Eversource Crowns which were used by the Old Builders to help distinguish the Eversource Chickens from normal chickens.
    • This means that the Eversource Crown owned by Jesse has no special properties. Consequently, the ability to produce items and spawn eggs must be associated with the Eversource chickens themselves.
  • The Eversource Crown is the longest equal item (exempting the diamond sword) to have remained in Jesse's inventory during the next three episodes after "Order Up!", with the other being the enchanted flint and steel.