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Endermites are hostile mobs in Minecraft: Story Mode. They are small creatures that attack nearby players.




  • The Endermites in "A Portal to Mystery" are actually just modified Silverfish filtered purple and given ender particles, making them resembles the initial design of Endermites in Minecraft.
    • In Minecraft, they have only a single, square segment with a head on one side, and have one red eye.
  • In Minecraft, Endermites have a 5% chance to spawn when an ender pearl is thrown.
    • It is unknown if The White Pumpkin used this method to create them (although considering how wasteful it is, this is unlikely).
  • Cassie Rose claimed that Endermites were "eternally hungry", however, this is not true, as they despawn after 2 minutes in regular Minecraft.
  • In Minecraft, Endermen are hostile towards Endermites, and will attempt to attack them.
  • In the subtitles of Minecraft: Story Mode, endermites are referred to as "Ender-mites".
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