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An Ender Pearl is an item found in Minecraft: Story Mode. They teleport the player who throws it to the spot where the ender pearl lands.



  • In Minecraft, endermen have a chance to drop an ender pearl when killed. The White Pumpkin most likely obtained them through this method.
    • It is also possible that the White Pumpkin traded for ender pearls, as endermen are known to be highly dangerous.
  • In Episode five, a spherical ender pearl can be seen on display inside the Order Hall.
    • Spherical ender pearls do not exist in Minecraft, making it exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • In Minecraft, a player takes damage whenever they use an ender pearl. In Minecraft: Story Mode, no visible damage is taken, but Jesse complains multiple times throughout the game that teleporting with ender pearls is "disorienting".


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