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An Ender Crystal is an item found in The End that heals the Ender Dragon if the dragon flies close enough. Without them, Ender Dragons cannot be healed again, making it vulnerable to attack.



The crystal appears to have a pink core trapped in glass, which moves around. It stands on top of a piece of bedrock.


The Ender Crystals in the End have the ability to heal the Ender Dragon if it takes damage from what is attacking it. When an ender crystal is hit, it will explode, causing damage to nearby blocks, mobs, players, and possibly the dragon itself if the crystal being destroyed is currently healing it.



  • Ender crystals can be crafted by putting an eye of ender in the middle, a ghast tear under the eye and glass around every empty space. They can be used to respawn the Ender Dragon.
  • Ender crystals spawn naturally in the End atop the obsidian pillars. 
  • It is impossible to move ender crystals, as trying to mine them will cause them to explode. Therefore, it is unknown how Ivor moved the crystals from the End.
  • There are around eight ender crystals that spawn naturally in the End, not just four. 


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