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The EnderCon Building Competition was an annual event organized as a prelude to EnderCon in Minecraft: Story Mode. In the game, Jesse's gang gets the choice to build a creeper, enderman, or a zombie in the competition. It appears only in ​"The Order of the Stone".



The EnderCon Building Competition is held sometime before EnderCon. Participants are given a limited amount of time to build something functional and appealing.


The best build is to be displayed at EnderCon. The winners would also get another reward; for example, the winners of the last building competition would get to meet Gabriel the Warrior.



  • Jesse's gang mentions that they used to lose to The Ocelots every year in this competition.
    • If Jesse asks Axel and Olivia to save their chosen build, then Jesse's gang will win the Building Competition; if he/she tells them to help him/her find Reuben, then their build will burn down and the Ocelots will win the competition once again.
    • Olivia also mentions that Jesse's gang lost nine years in a row.
  • After arriving at the EnderCon Building Competition, if Jesse does not choose a team name, then Jesse's Gang will be called the "No-names" by the EnderCon Announcer.
  • In the Netflix version of Minecraft: Story Mode, the player only has the option to build a creeper or an enderman in the competition.


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