"I saw it first!"
Jesse taking the Elixir before Axel. (Determinant) src

The Elixir is a potion briefly seen in Minecraft Story Mode that was originally created by Ivor to stop the Wither Storm


  • In "The Order of the Stone", the elixir is stolen by Jesse/Axel and is later thrown to the Wither Storm to stop it. However, the Wither Storm protects the command block in time, and it does not work.


  • The elixir doesn't work unless the command block is exposed on the Wither Storm.
  • Despite looking like a drinkable potion, the elixir is a throwable potion.
  • Even if clicked/touched/pressed in time, the Wither Storm manages to protect itself quickly enough.
  • When Jesse and Axel first discover the elixir, Axel claims that he had dreamt of it.


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