The Dome of Concentration is a massive dome built by Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer that determinately appears in "Assembly Required". It used to be Ellegaard's base and laboratory.



The Dome is a building located in Redstonia, in the Overworld. It contains many complicated puzzles, in both the interior and the exterior, and a redstone lock mechanism to prevent unwanted people from entering.



The exterior of the dome is mostly made out of stone blocks with two smaller rings of cobblestone set in-between these. In the very middle section is a single window made out of light blue stained glass that wraps around the entire structure. This section can also be sealed off by iron blocks when the dome enters lock-down. Orange hardened clay is used for the base, main entrance and smaller arches set at regular intervals around the building. The roof is made completely out of white stained glass flanked by two massive stone pillars.


The Dome's interior is made mostly of glass for transporting items, with lava to protect the area. There are machines inside to protect the area like the Pistons near the entrance of the building. The interior also contains many glass pipes connected to the exterior of the building. Redstone Lamps are used throughout the building for interior lighting.


  • Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer (formerly)
  • Bats (formerly, determinant)



  • The Dome of Concentration appears to resemble the dome at EnderCon.
  • The Dome of Concentration has a lock-down mechanism which seals off all entrance points, excluding the roof, with Iron Blocks. This mechanism is used so that Ellegaard can continue to work on her secret projects without being disturbed.


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