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"Welcome to Crown Mesa. Population: 1,063."
—Jesse, reading a sign. src

Crown Mesa is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode that appears in "Access Denied". It is located in a Mesa Biome.



Crown Mesa is a small village located on the surface of a Mesa Biome in an unknown dimension. The town was originally founded by some citizens before they became mind controlled by PAMA.


Crown Mesa appears to consist of a number of small houses built on top of a large plateau on an elevation. The house exteriors are made out of sandstone floors, hardened clay walls and wooden roofs. There are also a number of cactus plants and dead bushes growing throughout the surrounding desert, along with a hidden pit of sand that leads to Harper's Secret Laboratory.


Crown Mesa was ruled by PAMA who had made all its citizens "useful" so they were all loyal to it, and would do nothing but try to expand into other dimensions and make their inhabitants "useful". However, PAMA's creator, Harper had managed to escape the ordeal and contain PAMA within Crown Mesa by destroying its only portal to The Portal Network. Later, with the assistance of Jesse's New Order of the Stone, PAMA was shut down forever, allowing the citizens to become free from its control and rebuild their village.




  • The population count of Crown Mesa was 1,063 before PAMA took over. It is unknown if the number is still the same.
  • The moon in this world seems to not glow but this could be a error.


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