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Looking for the normal versions of Prison Spiders or Creepers?

Creeders are hostile mobs in Minecraft: Story Mode. They are a hybrid of creepers and prison spiders, and they make their only appearance in "Jailhouse Block".



  • Creeders are exclusive to Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • Unlike the other spider variants, the creeders only have six legs rather than eight.
  • Unlike normal creepers or charged creepers, the creeders are capable of exploding obsidian.
    • This makes creeders and Wither Storm the only mobs in Minecraft: Story Mode that are capable of exploding obsidian.
  • Telltale Games hosted a poll on twitter listing off four possible names for the mob, with Creeders winning by a small amount. This means that the name was confirmed by Telltale, yet more-so chosen by the fandom which voted at the time. [1]



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