"Behold, my enchanted diamond [tool name]!"
Jesse after he/she crafts his/her Command Block tool. src

Command Block Tools are enchanted diamond tools/weapons that appear in Minecraft: Story Mode. They are enchanted using Ivor's enchanting book. The command block tools are a Minecraft: Story Mode exclusive.


  • In "A Block and a Hard Place", Jesse crafts a diamond tool/weapon of their choice, then enchants it with command block enchantment book using an anvil. After Jesse gets inside The Wither Storm, the tool/weapon is used to attack the tentacles of the Wither Storm, and smash the command block into shards with three strikes.
  • In "Hero in Residence", Jesse is seen holding the command block tools they used back in "A Block and a Hard Place" during a flashback.



The command block tool was used to destroy any item, including the command block, quickly. The details of the enchantment are unknown, as it was created with a Minecraft: Story Mode-exclusive enchanted book.



  • If a hoe is chosen to be enchanted, Reuben will laugh at Jesse.
  • In the Adventure Pass thumbnail, Jesse is shown holding the command block enchanted sword, even though they use a normal enchanted sword in the Adventure Pass.
  • Despite speculation that the tool is still intact, it was later confirmed that it was destroyed during the final hit from the command block.[1]



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