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"I'm in the middle of my greatest project to date - a powerful block capable of altering reality itself!"
Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer about the Command Block. src

The Command Block is a block that appears in Minecraft: Story Mode.



The command block is mostly orange with diagonal patterns, and in the middle of each side is a gray panel with multicolored pixels that appear to be lights.


The command block can be programmed to perform tasks, and grants great power to the wielder. It has the ability to perform near-impossible tasks, and can even alter reality. It was used to program the Wither Storm into tracking the amulet, and also gave the Wither its mutated form.



  • As a Minecraft: Story Mode exclusive feature, the command block pulses before performing an action.
  • Magnus/Ellegaard mentions that Ellegaard/Magnus was the only one who was still good at what she/he did without the command block.
  • In regular Minecraft, the command block is not usable in Survival Mode; however, in Minecraft: Story Mode, it is.