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"Get out of here, before I see if I can attach this sign to your head."
—Clutch to Jesse in the Competitors' Villagesrc

Clutch is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode and gladiator in The Games. She appears in "A Journey's End?". She is voiced by Julianne Buescher.



Clutch has pink hair and a lot of what appears to be thick eyeshadow below her eyes. Like the others, she wears gladiator armor.


Clutch is ready to do her job and slightly enjoys threatening the Competitors. However, she will defend them from unjust harm; as seen when Jesse determinately attempts to attack Nell after the Spleef round, Clutch stops Jesse to protect Nell. Clutch enjoys fighting and mocks her opponents, and she backs up the other gladiators in battle. She isn't much on deep thinking, as she asks Slab the Immovable on what to do if Jesse attempts to recruit the gladiators to his/her side.


"It's so nice when new contestants are in the village. It's lovely having fresh meat for us gladiators to destroy. "
—Clutch to Jesse in the Competitor's Village.  src
"It's going 'not the best.' And you're not going anywhere. "
—Clutch to Hadrian and Mevia.  src
"Bye bye! Can't wait to kill ya again. "
—Clutch to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"Killing time! Love killing!"
—Clutch to some Competitorssrc
Clutch: "Slab? Slab! What should we do?"
Slab: "Uhhh....Uhh...Uuuuuhhh."
—Slab and Clutch in the arena of "The Walls". src


  • Out of the four named gladiators, Clutch is the only female.
  • While the competitors and gladiators aren't actively playing the Games and are in their village, Clutch is responsible for guarding the food present in Clutch's kitchen to make sure no one steals any before "lunchtime."
  • Clutch, alongside Axel, Slab the Immovable, Facemeat, Usher, Emily, Capital T, and the other Gladiators, are the only named characters in Minecraft: Story Mode to have 2.5 block builds.
  • Clutch is also voiced by Julianne Buescher, the same voice actor for Nell.


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