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For other uses, see Creeper (Disambiguation).

A Charged Creeper is a Creeper struck by lighting. What differentiates it from a normal Creeper is that its explosion is bigger than a normal Creeper's one. It is a mob found in Minecraft: Story Mode and appeared in "Hero in Residence".



A Charged Creeper looks identical to a normal one, but with lightning hovering around it.


  • In "Hero in Residence", when Jesse and Petra leave Champion City, a "Heckmouth" opens up, letting Charged Creepers free, leaving Jesse and Petra to kill them. Later, with Jesse having the Structure Block, Jesse, Petra, Jack, Nurm, and "Vos" return to the "Heckmouth" and close it up with the power of the Structure Block.


  • It is unknown how the Charged Creepers in "Hero in Residence" became "charged," as they were not struck by lightning.
  • It has been confirmed by Eric Stirpe that the Charged Creepers were originally meant to be a Prismarine variant. [1]