" the Build Club."
Milo to Jesse and Petra about the Build Club. (Determinant) src

The Build Club is a secret group and location in Sky City, founded by Milo. It consists of a group of aspiring builders who steal building materials and build against the rules imposed by the Founder, Isa. It is a resistance group against the rule of Isa.



The Build Club is located behind a wall in Milo's Inn. It has a mainly woolen floor with walls consisting of various types of stone. It also has a observatory around, it consisting of wood. The club also has many crafting tables spread around it, and has a stage area for members to showcase their builds. 


The Build Club is a resistance against the Founder of Sky City and believe that they should be able to build freely without restrictions. It is run and organized by Milo. People willing to become members of the club must make a vow not to reveal it to anyone. The members of the group are very suspicious of outsiders and outsiders must prove themselves to enter the group. 



The Build Club is against Isa and doesn't like her laws. They believe people are free to build whatever they want and craft whatever they want, even if they waste materials. They also wanted to find the Eversource to gain that freedom.

They trust the New Order of the Stone to help them gain freedom in Sky City, and to also help destroy The Blaze Rods.



  • The Build Club members are very inexperienced, since resources are scarce and they do not get much practice.
    • This can be proven when it is shown that they do not know how to craft ladders and are fascinated if Jesse crafts iron boots. (Determinant)
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