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"A bow? In a cannon fight? Axel! There are all sorts of cliché'd lines about this!"
Jesse to Axel during The Death Bowl. (Determinant) src

A Bow is a ranged weapon that is used by Olivia and Lukas, and determinately by Jesse. It is also used by skeletons as standard equipment.


Notable Owners


  • Olivia possibly has an infinity enchantment on her bow in "Order Up!", because it appears to be enchanted and she uses a lot of arrows.
  • One of the Yellow Team Members has his bow with a flame enchantment, as when he fired, the arrow was alit with flames.
  • In "Assembly Required", if Jesse chooses to craft a bow in the first episode, Axel will give him/her an enchanted one; however, if Jesse chooses to not craft a bow in Episode 1, he will give him/her a regular bow.
  • In Episode 4, when fighting against the Witch on the wall of the maze, if Jesse is out of arrows, he/she will swing the bow like a sword to kill the Witch.
    • In Minecraft, the damage equals to punching using the player's bare hand.