• SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: Seriously, tho, this egg would be a cool collection! I'll take it, alright!

    • ½ Eggs left, even. That many eggs, lol? Because, Steve stole it whole!:*

    Steve: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This is the biggest egg i've ever seen! Nothing would stop me!

    • However, a giant eagle flies above Steve, as Steve notices the eagle after it's screaming*

    Steve: Huh? *Looks up* GULP! O_O, Except for a giant eagle! OMG! What do i do? What do i do?

    A: Throw a bomb at it.

    B: Give back the egg to him/her.

    C: Throw the egg in the lava.

    • To be continued!*

    (We can't be that far away, yet, we might be close to the ending, guys!)

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: Alright, how about we mix them, hm? *Steve mixes Choice A and B together*

    • Steve is using a glider*

    Steve: There, so, now i can fly to the hill, and, fight some awful guys as i fly! AWAY!

    • Steve flies up to the hill, however, Ghasts are heading towards him, with Pigmen on them*

    Steve: Huh? Uh, hi, huh? Heh, i-

    • The Ghast is shotting a fireball at Steve as The Pigman told it, however, Steve used his sword, causing it to hit The Ghast, killing it and making The Pigman fall down the lava, burning to death! Ah, lava can't kill, even? At least it was burning and died!:*
    • The Other Pigmen looks at each other and gulps, telling their Ghasts to retreat, and, they obeys, flying away*

    Steve: Piece of cake!

    • Steve lands on the hill*

    Steve: Huh? :3, OH! It's…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Hi, Guys! So sorry that i didn't upload the second part for a while, anyway, enjoy!:)

    Steve: Hi, Guys! Ok, i should stop saying that. Anyway. Portal C? Alright, Portal C it is, then!

    • Steve enters Portal C*

    Steve: AND! We are in.... Huh?

    • Steve are in a lava-filled world. And, as it is lava-filled, it are hot*

    Steve: So, a volcano of any kind, huh? Hm. Now, what was i supposed to do inside this world now, again? Hm? *Notices* OH! Right! For 1 reason, i have something to get in the other side over there! *Points at the top of a hill, far away up there* So! To get over there, i need again, somebody who can decide! Pls? Well, i have an idea! I'll just ask them, again!:

    • Steve asks us, once, again*

    Steve: What will i do now, hm?

    A: Fly over there.

    B: Fig…

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  • ISeeHimSometimes
    • ==="If you think your place is out there Petra.Than so is mines." ===
    • ===Based on a Oneshot I made!On the ship wiki===
    • === ===
    • ====

    • ====
    • ====
    • ====
    • ====
    • ====
    • ====
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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve is inside a house, judging by the background, there are walls and such stuffs, he is talking to somebody*

    Steve: So, what do you usually like to do? :/?

    • His friend is revealed, as, the camera zooms out a bit, it is Napstablook from Undertale!:*

    Napstablook: Sigh, y'know? Just lie on the floor and feel like junk.

    Steve: Hm, can i join?

    Napstablook: Sure.

    • Both just lies on the ground, however, Steve is getting impatient like always. Suddenly, after, like, 10 seconds, the background in the house turns into space, as Steve and Napstablook, chilling, are just doing nothing*

    Steve: *Notices* HUH? Hey! Am i the only one who sees the background? :D! *Grins as it is closing!:*

    THE END!

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve seems to be still sad, as he is checking messages on the computer, he can't help but frown.*

    Aiden's Message: You Suck!

    Cassie's Message: Go And Die!

    Stella's Message: You're a Loser!

    Notch's Message: U ARR NU SUN OF MEIN-E! >:(.


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve looks so quiet and sad, watching a blank TV Screen, he doesn't even makes any single sound or noise, just, staring very blank at the empty screen, however, Jesse appears in the room*

    Jesse: Steve, you alright?


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: *Waits as he seems to stare at his computer screen, yeah, he is waiting for something* You rlly should start, i want to do mine, next. *Checks watch* Oh, come on!

    • Days later*

    Steve: Ok, now? *Checks, he couldn't for sure find anything in there, either* EH!

    • Even much later*

    Steve: So, now that it might make longer then i thought, i guess i'll just entertain myself with even some games?

    • Steve finds a message, however*

    Steve: OH! A message? Oh my gosh! *Checks it* GASPS!

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  • ShippingItLikeFedex100%

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Hello, dudes! For those who have been using this wiki for many years ago, here is a pic of two users who was very good friends. XxFishTimeWinslowxX (Called "Winslow") and Wolfboy231 (Called "Wolf") who was quite two users who i can still remember, never ever forget. I'll gonna miss them both very much. Both have been seen last time in 2018, but for now, they have been inactive, ever since this have happened. Sigh, why, just why do they need to be inactive? Just because of the game not getting Season 3 or a series based on it? Sigh, i seriously is so depressed to lose friends, however, i am rlly hoping the best for both of them, they was like two of my best friends, however, i might not have been nice to them all the time, tho, fortunately,…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Yup, once again, he allowed me to continue for him. He did Part Six after i did Part Five once, and, now i will help him with Part Seven, as he should have three parts left after this one, anyway, enjoy!:)

    Steve: AH! What will we do? I don't wanna turn into toast! >_:/! I'll get ya!

    Evyn: Oh, pls, don't! *Evyn throws soap under Cassie's foot, as, yeah, it was under Cassie's foot right when she ran after them, she started to slip, falling backwards*

    Cassie: OOF! >_:(!

    • The Heroes got trapped, as, unfortunately, Scarlett is in front of them, again!:*

    Scarlett: *Laughs evilly* >:D, FINALLY! You guys are not going anywhere!

    Steve: Don't tell me, commercial break? -_-? *The screen turns black, which usually happens during dramatic parts on TV, as it …

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: Hi, Guys! It's Steve here. Today, it's "Interactive Choices with Steve" and Steve is me of course. Y'know, "Minecraft: Story Mode" is an interactive game about the world of Minecraft and all that. So, i have decided to go on an adventure. Now, let's obviously go somewhere, yeah!

    • Later, Steve appears in The Portal Network!:*

    Steve: The Portal Network! Yeah, if you will choose something for me, then, you will wait and see what will happen in the second part, or, others of this adventure. So, should somebody give, or, tell me any choices? Ok, this is easy. Which portal should i choose? Whatever it is inside them, i will appear in a random dimension! Well, here are some choices:

    Portal A.

    Portal B.

    Portal C.

    Steve: Ok, any of those, three. Ch…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve is watching something, however, Notch appears*

    Notch: Hey, Son. What are u watching?

    Steve: I am watching BlockDude CircleHead. Yeah, now. *On The TV, a blocky dude with a circle head is shown*

    BlockDude: Hello, there! ^^!

    Notch: Steve, that's for little kids!

    Steve: Shut it! I will watch whatever i want!

    Notch: YOU DARE TO TELL ME TO SHUT IT!? >:/? >:), Well. How about i take the remote from ya?

    • Notch snatches Steve's remote*

    Steve: HEY!

    Notch: >XD, Well, as a punishment, i will ground you. And no TV for 7 months!

    Steve: But, Notch!

    Notch: No buts, Steve. It's an order, Son!

    Steve: Sigh, Fine, Daddy. Ur so stupid! >:/! I hate you!

    • Steve walks angry to his room, closing the door, with a hard shut*

    Notch: Hm. *Looks behind himself, making sure that…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Yeah, just showing some more pictures with Jesse and Steve. Just because i think that they looks like an awesome duo, imo, Steve is best friends with white male Jesse. Welp, yeah. Ah, anyway, i got nothing else to say, rather then the words under the pictures. Welp, enjoy everything that is shown, i hope this is entertaining, yeah.


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Hello, Guys! Steve, again. Here is another picture from "Nova Skin" where i added other two species by typing in their names to add them. This time, it is Felix Fox and Tom Tanuki. Tho, Felix is a fennec fox, so, i thought it would be a fun pun if he was named Felix. Pretty fun, eh? And, well, about Tom, a tanuki is also called "Raccoon Dog" and they are not even related to raccoons at all, they are canids, just like foxes, so, those two seems to be related, or maybe not. However, raccoon dogs looks like raccoons, so, that is maybe why they are named that, yeah, maybe. However, hm, those two would actually not be created from Minecraft, however, i recently is in this year, have been creating them with my mind. And, as i draw crappy, is, id…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Hello, Guys! Steve here. Ever wondered how "The C.R.I.T.T.E.R.S" looks like? Well, i have a picture of them, for those who wonder. I think it is my first time to add a picture in this wiki, btw. Welp, a picture in a blog post, duh! Ok, first blog post pic? Yup! So, since i did it obviously now, instead of talking nonsense, let's just see, yeah? Ok, yup!

    Well, anyway, when i did this, i actually didn't create any of those skins, saldy. But, besides, if i did it, anyway. It would look crappy, anyway. So, yeah. When i decided those, tho, those skins are probably made by other people. Yeah, credit goes to them, btw! So, i searched for their species. Yeah, typing "Raccoon" "Rabbit" and "Squirrel" and decided those, anyway, for Charlie, when i se…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (WARNING: This blog post "might" be too scary and/or just disturbing to some people. However, you have been warned!:)

    • Inside a chatting room, Steve is entering, two new users (that is "fan-made!") are inside there!:*

    Steve: Hi, Guys! ^^! I'm Steve! What's the name of you two? OH! You two are new, huh? Welcome!

    • Both users leaves the room, leaving Steve all alone*

    Steve: :/, Grrrrr, I KNEW IT! They just IGNORES ME!

    • Steve's face turns red, until he takes a deep breath*

    Steve: *Calms down* Sigh. :(, BOTH OF YOU!

    • Steve shakes of anger, however, he calms down a tiny bit*

    Steve: :), YEAH!

    User 1: :D. YEAH! That's what I'm gonna do!

    User 1: *Sniffs and sobs* :D, I'll be back! >XD!

    • Steve starts to do laughs, like a psycho, as, yup, he goes to the bathroom, cl…
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  • JesseFan300

    (havent done this in a bit sorry its short anyway enjoy)

    Jesse: Here is the room Lanes in

    ???: S-sorry sir but I am afraid I can not let you do that...

    Steve: Who are you?

    ???: I-Im Evyn The Cassie Rose's and Scarlett's assistant

    Yinny: So Evyn why wont you let us through you clearly dont like your job..

    Evyn: Their watching...

    Cassie Rose: Hahahahah Remember me Jesse?

    Petra: Cassie!?

    Cassie: Yup did you miss me?

    Jesse: No I did not

    Cassie: Rude! Just for that >:) *Shoots Lane with bow and arrow*

    Lane: Wha- Nonononononono It wasn't supposed to end like thi- *dies*

    Yinny: Oh my gosh...

    Steve: ......

    Jesse gets mad*

    Jesse: *takes  Petras sword and throws it at cassie*

    Cassie catches the sword*

    Cassie: Well Jessie I guess its the end for you too :) *lifts swor…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Title: Disco-Time!

    Starring: The C.R.I.T.T.E.R.S!

    Featuring: Steve!

    • The C.R.I.T.T.E.R.S are coming to a club, which is a disco. However, the guard that is outside, standing, haven't allowed them inside*

    Guard: STOP! You guys can't enter this club!

    Robin: WHAT? Who the heck are you even?

    Guard: I am a guard, you little rat!

    Robin: I AM NOT A RAT! >:O! I AM A RACCOON! >:(!

    Guard: See the sign? >:/? *Points to a sign, as the animals are watching it* "No animals allowed!" You got that? >:(?


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  • PetraForFreedom!

    Yay! Today it's my birthday peoples! :D I made this blog post to celebrate my birthday as a party here and I hope my day goes on well! :D Now I want some awesome comments and some wishes from any peoples may welcome. "I invite them to open!" :D As I open my presents, I hope my dearly wishes comes true on my own mind. As you about to comment in... maybe how about I invite some lovely fly-high ladies on my birthday party? :3 Ha! I wouldn't mind! As long as it's appropriate to me! OK and yes, you may comment down now! :D

    The 3rd of May 2020 is here! Happy birthday to me!

    The one and only, the best active 'Petra' fan in da world! :D (talk)

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (NOTE: This is belonging to JesseFan300, not my story. And, yes. I got permission, yup!:)

    Steve: *Steve is thinking* OH! *Steve got an idea* Say, why don't we just teleport out of here with those ender pearls? *Steve shows them to Yinny*

    Yinny: Yeah, goo- *Notices* You got them with you the whole time?

    Steve: Yeah.

    Yinny: -_-, You should have told me.

    Steve: :O! GRAAAAAAAAAAAH! >_:), Well, they won't get away from me that easy! >:D!

    • Evil laughing, ending this part!:*
    • To be continued!*
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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    Hi and greetings to all my MCSM Wiki fans, friends and others and welcome to my ⭐️ 2nd Year Anniversary (Wikiaversary) celebration blog post 2018 ~ 2020 ⭐️! 😄 Here we can all discuss the ways together of your best hopes and wishes for this party celebration! Today is the day I am so pleased to be officially now turning into 2nd year anniversary (wikiaversary) after 2 years of my lifetime spending in this wiki for SO LONG! 🎤 “Woohoo!” ^o^👑 After 2 years of my lifetime spending in this wiki..... I may have grow too old to remember the past that I made and I am happily ever to be a MCSM fan role by contributing together forward to bring this wiki a happy place for all interested fans. My edits of contributions, my wiki points, my wiki achievement bad…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Title: Breaking the Tricks!

    Starring: The C.R.I.T.T.E.R.S!

    • It is all starting when we look at a museum, suddenly, we see binoculars, it is Robin the Raccoon, with his gang, spying on it*

    Robin: Right, are we ready, men?

    Ricky: Of course i am, Sir!

    Charlie: I am ready!

    Sam: Aye-Aye, Captain!

    Robin: Right, let's do this!

    • An Iron Golem Guard with police clothes are guarding from the outside, suddenly, an apple seems to be thrown near him*

    Iron Golem: Huh? Apple? *Picks it up* HM. *However, it turns out to be a bomb-apple, causing him to scream* WAIT! WHAT THE HECK? P_P? O_O? *It explodes, as Charlie is even snickering, Charlie is even the one who threw the apple-bomb, yeah!:*

    Charlie: Piece of cake!

    Robin: Right, guard the outside meanwhile we do the re…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Thought that i could work on another short for fun, yeah!:)

    • Inside class, Steve is sitting on his cheat, however, a bully walks forward to him:*

    Bully: UGH! Ur so ugly, you know that? >XD?


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (WARNING: It might get "TOO" emotional!:)

    • It is starting with two dancing female squids, inside an apartment, Steve is looking at them inside his apartment, as he is seen holding binoculars, inside his apartment room, pretty curious:*

    Steve: OH! That is so cool!

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  • Very Foul Darkness is an idiot

    You won't get rid of me that easily

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  • JesseFan300

    Dark Light Part 4

    April 16, 2020 by JesseFan300

    ( Again have nothing to say but Enjoy)

    Jesse: What the-

    Jesse gets teleported to deadly trials*

    Steve: Oh.

    Scarlett: Oh hey Jesse

    Jesse on the ground: Im fine thanks for asking

    Lane: Oh yeah sorry bout that

    Scarlett: Oh my gosh can we hurry!

    Steve: Fine We're ready!

    The floor opens and it is parkour over lava with ice spikes on the parkour*

    Jesse: Woah...

    They all jump at once but Lane falls and grabs on the edge*

    Lane:Scarlett Help!

    Scarlett: Huh... You really are dumb arent you.. 

    Scarlett stomps on his hand*


    Scarlett: NOOOOO!!

    Scarlett: Oh well....

    Jesse: Thats..... no good...

    Steve: Yeah what he said

    ???: One down! 

    They beat the parkour*

    ???: The final deadly trial... SCARLETT.

    Jesse: What-  * A sword goes through his stomach*

    Steve: OH MY-


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  • JesseFan300

    Dark Light Part 3

    April 10, 2020 by JesseFan300

    (I have nothing to say but Enjoy!)

    Jesse: *Cough* Is everyone ok!?

    Yinny: I think so....but cant say the same for the ground

    A huge hole in the ground*

    Lane: Who's that at the bottom of the hole?

    Jesse: Is that-

    Steve: A little help here!?!

    Yinny helps Steve out of the hole*

    Yinny: Hello steve!

    Scarlett: *Silently* Grrrrr...

    Axe's gets thrown at them*

    Olivia: WHAT THE HECK-

    Scarlett: Who threw that?

    A white pumpkin gets thrown at steve*

    Steve: What the.?

    Jesse: Wait an axe was Cassie's weapon so and she wore that pumpkin....

    Lane: Whos cassie?

    Jesse: Not important but what if shes here?

    Scarlett: That stupid Jesse you killed her

    Jesse: How do you know that

    Scarlett: Lukas's book...

    Lukas: I didnt-

    They all get dropped into traps*

    ???: Now enter the trial groups


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  • Shaiklud


    April 9, 2020 by Shaiklud

    I'm in the shower

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  • JesseFan300

    Dark Light Part 2

    April 9, 2020 by JesseFan300

    (Part 2 still might be bad but Im trying anyway enjoy)

    Jesse: Ugh not this again

    Lukas: Yeah so I guess we all had the idea to come here?

    Olivia: Yeah I guess so but... Uh Scarlet you remind me of that person who was following me..?

    Scarlett: Um... I dont know what your talking about

    Jesse notices she is wearing the same sweater Cassie Rose was*

    Scarlett: Woah look at champion city!

    Black beam coming out of champion city*

    Jesse: That must be where its coming from!

    They all run to champion city but scarlett says she will catch up*

    Scarlett: Its working W.P. they really are stupid

    With Jesse*

    Lukas: Woah!

    A huge glowing ball is in the middle of champion city*

    Petra: Uh- Yinny your an admin do something!

    Yinny: Oh o-ok 

    Yinny tries to shrink it*

    Yinny: AH *sh…

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  • JesseFan300

    Dark Light part 1

    April 8, 2020 by JesseFan300

    (Might be bad bc I havent wrote in a while so if its bad it will get better. Also this is a sequel to "Contract Expired"  anyway enjoy )

    Yinny is talking with Jesse in the tower order hall thing*

    Yinny: Yeah everyone has been acting weird since we came back

    Jesse: Yea- 

    • Something is making noise near the wall*

    Jesse: What the-

    • Lluna walks out and spits on Jesse

    Jesse: Oh hey Lluna. Wheres stella?

    Radar: *Running* Lluna get back here! Oh hey Jesse

    Jesse: Wait what are you doing with Lluna>

    Radar:.... Im uh.... Pet sitting yeah that's what I'm doing

    Jesse: ... Anyway are you excited for founding day?

    Radar: Oh yeah that.... I forgot..

    Jesse: Anyway I gotta go meet with Axel and Olivia see you guys! 

    Jesse leaves the order hall* 

    Yinny: Be honest what are y…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve is standing, surrounded, by Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Endermen, and, of course, Spiders!:*

    Steve: _< *Opens his eyes, pretty sure opened for safety, yeah!:* HUH?

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  • JesseFan300

    My next blog story

    April 7, 2020 by JesseFan300

    Since steve has finshed my story for me it is my turn to write the story again it will prob be 10 parts and I will do one everyday hopefully,,, Im not going to be saying the name but it starts tmrw :)

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Yeah, this is the last part of the story, so, here we go!:)

    Xara: Hi, Dear Friend. Listen, Yinny! We can discuss about this! _< OOF!

    Yinny: Well, well, well. What to do now? Oh, what? This? *Yinny is, yet, picking up her scythe again, about to use it on Xara!* My scythe? Well, looks like this is the part where you die!

    Xara: O_O NEVER! >:O! *Xara kicks it off from Yinny's hands, however, it also made Snatcher dodge, since, it flied RIGHT towards him, then, he lets out a small "Phew!" Yet, it was however, yeah, coming back again, after it hit the wall behind Snatcher, so, it hit his top hat, and, it flies up into the hole on the roof!*

    Snatcher: :(, Ok, Yinny!

    Yinny: :( SERIOUSLY! You was super right, i will quit! I have had enough of you and y…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • So, back to The Heroes, they are in trouble, k, 0% Chance they could escape, let's say so, k, yeah!*

    Perception: Well, you guys can't leave, not yet! Do you guys know why?

    Steve and His Friends: :); YOUR SOULS! >:D!

    Steve: O_O THEIR SOULS?

    Snatcher: Yup, so wut? It is my pleasure, heh.

    Steve: Seriously? Sigh, let us go back home, pls?

    Perception: >:( Hmph, i don't think so, as you are Xara's Kid, i have to take care of ya!

    • Perception then drags both of Steve's arm up to the ceiling, making them long like rubber, ow!*

    Steve: >_< OW! Oh no! My hands and arms are in the air, just like i don't care! Oh, omg!

    Lane: Rlly, can't we go, then?

    Perception: NO!

    Lane: :( HAA-YAAH!

    Perception: >_< OOF! AGAIN? UGH! >:( I have had enough!

    Steve: Xara should have lear…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Yeah, hello? AS you can see, i left a question mark in the title. So, uh, y'know? I don't usually asks everybody else about their thoughts, but, well, this is the first time i won't probably do a top 10 list all by myself, maybe? Yeah, y'know, i'll ask anybody who is watching this blog, tho, this time, it is just for fun. Uh, idk if anybody sees this blog, or, watches my story, anyway? Still, so, yeah, you see now, this is about some portals and dimensions i added? Well, maybe weird, as, idk if there's enough. How about this:

    "Top 10 Dimensions that should be in Minecraft" rather? Yeah?

    IF it sounds better, you can come up with some cool ideas, so, either choose some dimension that have already been showed in my blog, or, come up with someth…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve, however, is walking now angry on his way*

    Steve: >:/, Stupid, stupid, stupid! -_-! *Finds the other castle:* AHA! Here we go!

    • Steve suddenly enters, as, welp, we hear violence inside it, then, Steve leaves the castle, with Tyler and Blake, after him*

    Steve: So, yeah, ya saw my fighting moves, guys?

    Tyler: Right, we thought that we was about to die.

    Blake: Not me! *Tyler then stares at him* Ok, a little? ^^? XD? Anyway, what happened?

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve runs back to his friends:*

    Steve: Guys, this is important! As you have lost your memory! You are a gang of heroes!

    Jesse, Petra, Radar, and Lane: NANI?

    Steve: Oh, man! -_-. *Facepalms, after staring at the screen:* :/! *Hits Snatcher's head*

    Snatcher: OOF! Hey! It wasn't my fault, ok? It is your, >:/, FOOL! -_-.

    Perception: THAT IS ENOUGH! >:O! *Tackles Snatcher. And, keeps fighting, yeah!*

    Steve: PHEW! So, i'm so done. I hope this is the right dimension!

    • Reads a sign, and, the letters on it:*

    Steve: "Congrats! This is where we hided your friends, Steve!" WOW! Talk about luck. HUH? O_O?

    • It is a DOOR dimension:*

    Steve: O_O, Oh, Blocks! -_-. *He is however running to each door anyway, opening one door:*

    Angry Guy: >:/, IT'S OVER 9000!

    Steve: AH! O…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Yup, enjoy, he allowed me to do ALL Parts, so, here we go!)

    • Inside the room, where Perception told Steve to enter inside in, she turns around, looking at Steve, who is not closer, yet*

    Steve: So, uh, since, you wanted to talk to me, what did you mean with "My memory will be wiped, uh, soon?" _:/?

    Steve: So, eh, how do i put this right? Hm, however, look, i DO feel awfully sorry for you, but, since, i have made Xara turn happy, and nice, helpful, uh, and-

    Perception: LIAR! >:(! *Steve is shocked, again:*

    Steve: Seriously! STOP WITH THAT YELLING! It's REALLY Annoying! >:/! :/!

    Steve: Seriously, i'm so sorry, still. Uh, can we solve this right, pls? Heh? _:/!

    Perception: OH! Is that so? -_-, Well, i see. Sigh, i have no other choice! >_XD!


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Yeah, since JesseFan300 told me that i could continue his story of "Contract Expired" and i would LOVE to do it, and, i'm more then happy to help. So, since, yeah, he was telling me he have been out of ideas? Of course i am obviously gonna think as i work, so, unlike other blogs, however, i will do all parts every day, and, this time, i will make the third part (Third, since, he already did the first two for sure, duh!) and it is not usual for me to do two blogs in the same day. Still, i am so ready and happy to entertain, so, yeah, IF i still got The Internet, for sure, i am able to do it, so, IF it won't come out, it may be because of those errors, eh, right, anyway, hope others might enjoy if ya might be a fan, because, well, enjoy? Yea…

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  • PetraForFreedom!

    Hi peoples! The best active 'Petra' fan is back in action today! YAY! :D

    Since I am back, I remain myself as a active commentator. It's what I do. Start contributing this wiki and we will make this wiki great once again! :D Along with Order of the Female Jesse! STACK UP! :D

    On the other note, my other one is screwed up because of Fandom, R.I.P. With the great loss of my badges, I will need to obtain them again... or maybe not. I don't know. So right now I am using this account and you may call me "PetraToFreedom!" if you still remember who I am.

    Anyway that's all guys, I hope I get to meet you all soon! :D

    Bye peeps! The one and only, the best active 'Petra' fan in da world! :D (talk)

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Jesse knocks on Steve's door, he opens it*

    Jesse: Hello! Uh, Steve? Are you home?

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  • Jessefan1

    Due of my school out through April 24th because of the Coronavirus outbreak and it's April Fools day today, and I got Autism day the day after Wednesday because I was born with Autism during my life, And I missed my 3rd Wikiaversary on September 24, 2019 since I was inactive on that day as I had alot going on in my life, but I will have my 4th Wikiaversary on September 24th, 2020. So other than these things I got at this point, I'm here through April 26th or the end of my Junior school year.

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  • TheAdministrator2229

    I don't think it's time to start the day 28th my house and my house and

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  • Female1JessieFan

    Hi and greetings to all my MCSM Wiki fans and friends! I would like to wish you all a “Merry Christmas 2019!” ❄️🎉🎄🎁☃️ and I loved you all my MCSM Wiki fans and friends 😉🤗❤️. This blog post I made was inspired by CerysAngelGirl last year Christmas 2018. Here we can all discuss about the different ways we are celebrating the awesome occasion and season's greetings right here on this blog post. As for today, I decided that I would like to create and share my own top 10 list of my featured favorite and best MCSM Wiki users from 2018 to 2019 which I have similar top 10 list references to Jetline Marvel @YouTube .

    No. 10: Emmetlover515

    No. 09: Order of the Command Block

    No. 08: Otto9770

    No. 07: Jessefan1

    No. 06: Cheerleader1234

    No. 05: BoBoiBoy Cahaya


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  • Female1JessieFan

    Hello and greetings to all my MCSM Wiki fans and friends! After all that, I hope you all been enjoyed watching the previous playlist from Bonus: My own special ending playlist for Minecraft Story Mode number 2 🎧🎵🎤🎶 2019. Now as used as for my own imagination, my own celebration, my own prize and my own reward for completed both seasons, (finally) my number 3 of my own special ending playlist for my own Minecraft Story Mode features and brings us VEVO music scenes from eastern to western world songs for any of us to listen and enjoy! 😄 This is now the last of my own special ending playlist. So please enjoy this while it's over and have a amazing time everybody! ^_^

    This is also one of my favorite set of music playlists ❤️

    Order of the Female J…

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  • Female1JessieFan

    Hi MCSM fans and friends! I hope you all been enjoyed watching all my previous special ending playlist from Bonus: My own special ending playlist for Minecraft Story Mode number 1 🎧🎵🎤🎶 2019. This is my second of my own special ending playlist for my own imagination, my own celebration, my own prize and my own reward for completed both seasons of my own Minecraft Story Mode. This time my own special ending playlist features Minecraft and Minecraft Story Mode scenes with musics from VEVO. Please enjoy ^_^

    This is one of my favorite set of music playlists ❤️

    Order of the Female Jesse (Message wall)

    Minecraft Story Mode - Rather Be

    Minecraft Story Mode - Just Like Fire

    Eminem - The Monster ft. Rihanna (Audio)

    (MMD) Sexy Love Minecraft Story Mode


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  • Female1JessieFan

    Greetings to all my MCSM Wiki fans and friends. I hoped you all been enjoyed watching all my Minecraft Story Mode gameplay walkthroughs videos 2019 before you can watch all my own special ending playlist. Since I have completed Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 & 2, I decided to used this as for my own imagination, my own celebration, my own prize and my own reward for completed both seasons to watch all my own special ending playlist. My own special ending playlist number 1 features videos from Two Steps From Hell, so please enjoy.

    Order of the Female Jesse (Message wall)

    Most Epic Music Ever: "Victory" by Two Steps From Hell

    Two Steps From Hell - Flight of the Silverbird [HD]

    Star Sky - Two Steps From Hell [Lyrics] || PizzaCat

    Two Steps From Hell…

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  • Female1JessieFan

    What advice did you give to Jack when he met Ivor? I told Jack to 'be himself'.

    "He's Jack."

    Did you destroy the Admin's statue? I left the Admin's statue and kept Nell safe.

    "Yep, coolio. Just keeping the way it is forever."

    How did you confront the Admin in his tower? I tried to reason with the Admin.

    "It's over admin."

    Did you leave Romeo behind in the Terminal Space? I took Romeo with you.

    "That would be the coward's way out."

    Did you remain in Beacontown or leave with Petra? I stayed in Beacontown.

    "See ya Petra."

    All choices/decisions are copyright to: Above and Beyond.

    I also made some of my own special ending playlist for Minecraft Story Mode Season 2. You can visit Bonus: My own special ending playlist for Minecraft Story Mode number 1 🎧🎵🎤🎶 2019 …

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  • Female1JessieFan

    Did you accept the scavenger's deal? I accepted the scavenger's deal.


    Did you win the trivia contest? I won the trivia contest in Fred's Keep.

    "Way to go Jesse!"

    What did you say to Petra? I promised to wait for Petra.

    "I'm gonna miss you."

    Did you give Xara her bed? I gave Xara her bed.

    "Thank you."

    Who did you bring to the surface? I brought Fred's people to the surface.

    "You could've ask more nicely."

    All choices/decisions are copyright to: Below the Bedrock.

    Order of the Female Jesse (Message wall)

    Below the Bedrock

    Minecraft: Story Mode - Wikipedia

    MCSM Choices from S2E4 (By: Jessefan1)

    Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Episode 1 my gameplay walkthrough 2019

    Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Episode 2 Griefer Madness my gameplay walkthrough 2019

    Minecraft …

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