• SlenderKidz2000

    Minecraft with Story Mode in Halloween. More pictures will sometimes be added anytime or so. (And some of these pictures go into random places and stuff)

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  • Daph Boyden

    Narrator - SantinatorVA

    Jesse - Areli_Utterances

    Olivia - ChrissyPixy

    Axel - Xemptful

    Ivor - Speaking/SantinatorVA, Singing/BlakeVO

    Lukas - Speaking/LawyerLion, Singing/brtube

    The trailer is 94% complete and will be released in July. 

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  • IAmElsaR

    1 - Ellegaard / Magnus

    The brave and talented members of the Order of the Stone. Great mentors and they both have interesting personalites.  They often clash due to being opposites. 

    Both can show heroism by offering Jesse their armour , & the one chosen gets killed by the Wither Storm. 

    If Petra is chosen in Episode 1  the other can show herosium in Episode 4 by going off to fight the wither storm alone "to pay for mistakes of the past" as Axel mentions.  If Gabriel was chosen they will not join Axel at Soren's fotress and will instead stay at the cave to take care of Gabriel.

    2- Jesse 

    Brilliant leader and hero, changes a lot for the better as time goes on in the game.

    3- Petra / Lukas 

    Trustworthy and loyal friends. Great charecters. 

    After bot…

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  • Order of the Female Jesse

    Hi and greetings to all my MCSM Wiki fans and friends! Today is the day I am celebrating: “IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!” 😀😄🥳🎉 I have been looking forward for my birthday presents as I came to my hope it is a very good one... “Happy birthday to me!” 😃🎁 I also hope everyone has been staying safe this year so far and you are welcome to send me wishes by making a comment in this blog post as I appreciate them. Also, this is now the date (03/07/2019) marking the last year me and along my friends have travelled throughout Japan 🇯🇵 for our holiday leisure time! It was really fun at that time and I recommended this holiday destination is a must see for you all! 😃 Say nothing more on the subject, I want to thank you for all coming and I wish you all a happy flaw…

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  • Jessefan1

    My 18th birthday is a month away because my birthday is on August 6 and may possibly have school before or after my birthday because I start school in August and I'm mostly a new age while on a whole school year. So, I will let you guys know when my birthday is up.

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  • Radar The Intern

    anew members 



    ima ship afdslkj and asdfghj

    they are the best 

    the female died so male is sad

    so he died

    ggs. bye 

    progam 10 dys

    I make stuff on blender

    free donuts

    it was a donut I made on blender

    lololololol its Jesse after he died :)((((((

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  • Radar The Intern


    June 30, 2020 by Radar The Intern

    Hey guys i am looking for some recruits to join my group the pogo squad\





    so anyways cya 

    adjfalkdjfalksdjflkadsjf alkdfjaldkjfak;ldjfalkdjf;lkajd falksdjf alkds;fj [iowuqroiqpuwerpo iuqwer jsdlfndsafna,msdnf a.,mdsfn a,m.sdfn as,mdnf ashf;o ehwalhdsfl;kadhsf;lia hsdlfhalk;sdhf'aioshfl;sdkhflkaehwlkhdflkhal;ejalkjdf;kljads;fjakd;lsjfalkdsjfalkdjsflaijdsklfjaslkdjfalksdjf

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Idk why i often use a "!" in the titles, so, here we go!:)

    Steve: *Lies on an old couch* Well, guys, i'm bored, what do you want to do?

    • Camera zooms out, revealing Steve to hang out with a depressed ghost called Napstablook, along, well, with: A small and yellow little monster without arms and have stripes, is a "Monster Kid" and the other one with them is a purple female monster with aubergine hair covering her eyes with a purple jacket, white shirt with blue trims, torn jeans, and black shoes, as i edited: Her name is Susie!:*

    Napstablook: :/, EVER! *Leaves for real now, ½ part of him would seriously be like this, still!:*

    Napstablook: *Returns* Hey, guys, what did i miss?

    Susie: -_-, Sigh, you don't wanna know!

    Napstablook: Hey, ._., Where d…

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  • Jessefan1

    These are the extra things that are left of the New Jesse City for Part 2 to be made. So there are the last photos of the New Jesse City and my new house:

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  • Radar The Intern


    June 29, 2020 by Radar The Intern

    Hi wassup today i got new books

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  • SamuelSonicMCSM231467


    June 29, 2020 by SamuelSonicMCSM231467

    I haven't posted a blog in here whlie, and 2 years ago i promised that i could upload my S2 Choices on this wiki, i will soon post these + i will try to be more active, thx for your attention people

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Jesse: *Finding Steve, leaning near a wall* Steve?

    Steve: Sup, Punk?

    Jesse: What? "Punk?" What the heck did you say that for, Steve?

    Steve: Well, as you can see, i have changed!

    Jesse: And, just who do you think you are, Mister?

    Steve: Why, i am a despicable person.

    Jesse: No, you are not.

    Steve: Yes, i am a punk!

    Jesse: But you just said that i was a punk as we-

    Steve: Can you SHUT IT? We already discussed about this, Bro.

    Jesse: But, i just came he-

    Steve: Ah, move aside, will ya?

    • Steve pushes Jesse a little bit, throwing a cigarette on an oil-puddle, causing it to explodes, burning, whatever i am saying!:*

    Jesse: WHOA! What the heck? Sigh, Steve, this isn't the real you!

    Steve: Yes, it is i. Listen, Jesse. Sigh, i decided to start a new life, becomin…

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  • IAmElsaR

    MCSM Episode Raitings

    June 26, 2020 by IAmElsaR

    From The Order of The Stone to Above and Beyond , here are my raitings of the episodes of MCSM .

    Please note these are a matter of personal opinion and I respect that you may think differently. 

    Feel free to ask for explamations for these or post your own raitings in the comments,  just remember to BE KIND :-). 

    Order of The Stone - 6/10

    Asembely Required - 7/10

    The Last Place You Look - 6/10

    A Block And A Hard Place - 7/10

    Order Up - 7/10

    A Portal To Mystery - 8/10 

    Acsess Denied - 5/10 

    A Journey's End ? - 6/10 

    Hero in Residence - 7/10 

    Giant Concequences - 7/10 

    Jailhouse Block - 7/10 

    Bellow The Bedrock - 7/10 

    Above and Beyond - 9/10 

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  • Jessefan1

    I have finally made over 10,000 edits on Wikia now, since I last 9,000 edits was in 2018 and this year in 2020, I have made 10,000 edit milestone, though it took 3 and an half years to make that. So you guys can celebrate me for me making a 10,000 edit milestone!

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  • Jessefan1

    It's been 22 months since I made the last Minecraft Xbox One Pictures, so I thought I would do one today. So here are the pictures of communities and new changes of Jesse City since August 2018:

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  • ISeeHimSometimes

    Don't go..

    June 23, 2020 by ISeeHimSometimes

    Don't Go..

    [show]=== Aiden was visiting JayJay the Jet  Plane today  at the hospital as who was still in a coma.Although Aiden is now famous for being a poet writer in Sky City's town called Hillsville cause of it's tall hills, he would try his best to make sure to visit JayJay at the hospital,before it was too late..Aiden has just came to  find where JayJay who was lying in a hospital still not moving an inch or two and still remains silent as usual.This would make Aiden feel more guilty about himself.===


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  • Daph Boyden

    The official cast for the following characters will be decided on June 30th:








    -Some of the Chorus

    After they are casted, the casting call for the Old Order will be opened due to them having little auditions.

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  • Shinypiedraws

    Two choices that will determine how you start the episode:

    [I stayed in Beacontown to look after my people]  or  [I left with Petra to seek adventure]

    It's been a few days since you've said goodbye to Petra and the town is still in the process of rebuilding. But, no matter, you've done what you can for the day and you're out and about catching up with some friends. Running the place has been a lot easier with Radar as your right-hand man (that is, if you let him be his own man in S2). Beacontown is rebuilding and they're feeling a whole lot safer with their Hero still in residence.

    Radar will remind you of your lunch appointment with the Followers of Soren. Apparently, they have something important to talk to you about. He lets you know that …

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  • Shinypiedraws

    The Piglin race has begun a conquest to conquer the Overworld in order to get vengeance on past wrongdoings of the Overworlders.

    A very long time ago, during the early days of the Admins, the Nether was a much different place. Literally. The Nether the Overworlders know now was not the original. It was once covered in a larger variety of interesting biomes and populated with more monsters like Striders, Hoglins, and especially Piglins.

    The people of the overworld have used the Nether for its smaller size to highways between cities, unique resources, and mob loot. In contrast, the Piglins' perspective wildly differed. To them, their home was mistreated, looted, and utilized for transportation without their permission. The Piglins were the sec…

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  • ISeeHimSometimes

    On January 1st it  was that time of the year!New Years..the BlazeRods went to a party!They were sooo excited!Well except for Maya..

    "BLAZE RODS!"Exclaimed Gill,he was so excited to go to the party!"Ughh!How many times do you have't to say that Gill?"Groaned Maya getting sick and tried of the bearded kaki dude saying "BLAZE RODS!" 24/7.."Till the day I die.."

    Maya's reaction: 0_O *backs away from Gill and walks over to Aiden who was busy looking at the map that leads to the party* "Are we almost there yet..?We've been walking all day just to go some party the Order of the Losers invited us to!"

    Aiden:*Stops walking and look at the map to face Maya*"Oh come on Maya!After all those horrible things we did to them Jesse is giving us another chance…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: "The Adventures Of Minecraft Steve?" AWESOME! ^^! Well, i just wanted to thank you everybody who was helping me with this adventure, so, JesseFan300, AyahtheLilmonster, and ISeeHimSometimes, yeah, credit goes to all three of them for completing this adventure that i've just have gone through, so. Anything left to do? *Thinks for 23 seconds!:* AHA! 1 more obvious thing, ½ of it, anyway:

    • Shares money with viewers*

    Steve: There ya go, Folks! Now, i hope that you enjoyed: "The Adventures Of Minecraft Steve!"

    Notch: Well, what will i do with the baby?

    Minus Stupidius: Mama!

    Steve: Babysit it for me, Daddy?

    Notch: Hm, welp, why will i say no? Lol, of course.

    Steve: Good, well, thanks for helping me as i said. So, see you all another time, ^^, BY…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve quickly opens the door where Notch is inside, yeah, his own house*

    Steve: Oh, Notch!

    Notch: Huh? OH! Huh, what is it, Steve? Huh?

    Steve: Look, do you know anything about this egg that i just found? *Shows it to Notch*

    Notch: Why, that is no normal egg.

    Steve: Huh, what the heck is it, then?

    Notch: It is a Minus Stupidius!

    Steve: Whoa? O_O?

    • The egg is popping, a little thing that have Steve's head even appears, looking at Steve*

    Minus Stupidius: MAMA! ^^!

    Notch: Well, with other words: A Mini-Steve!

    Steve: Oh, i am a Mother? O_O? *Looks at us* Jeez, i thought i was a guy?

    • The final question!:*

    Steve: Uh, i thought the questions was over? Meh, what the heck? I will ask, ok? So, after everything that have happened, what should this interactive adven…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: *Gets a lightbulb above his head* Hey, i know what! Let's ask for some directions! ^^!

    • Steve finds a Zombie Pigman*

    Steve: Eh, excuse me, Mr. Pigman. But, uh, do you know anywhere to get outta here, hm?

    • The Zombie Pigman points to a portal right behind Steve, so, Steve looks behind himself*

    Steve: WOW! My portal was right behind me? XD, Anyway, thanks for the help, Mister! ^^!

    • Steve jumps into the portal, coming back home*

    Zombie Pigman: You're Welcome! :P.

    • So, later, at Steve's house, he is thinking one more last time!:*

    Steve: -_-, Well, looks like the adventure is over. Anyway, what to do now? I can't just actually end this quick, so, -_-, yeah, time for one final choice, fellas!:

    A: Call my friends.

    B: Show the egg to Notch.

    C: Adopt the e…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: Oh, Boy! Guys, there is only two chapters left of this interactive adventure with me tho, anyway, however, to continue i obviously need answers as always. Before we can continue the adventure, i need to know, will i now:

    A: Build a portal.

    B: Ask for directions.

    Or: C: Find my way back home by myself?

    Steve: Well, people, if anybody is reading this, pls, i need to know how to find my way back home, tho, if i do C, then, yeah, it might be hard for me to find home, so, i repeat now, obviously, what, will i do?:

    A: Build a portal.

    B: Ask for directions.

    Or: C: Find my way back home by myself?

    Steve: Sorry, ya had to hear it again, or? Ahem, anyway, is anybody noticing? If you are, thought, put some messages under this blog in the comments, yea…

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  • ISeeHimSometimes

    • ====Taken apart from Sky City ====  
    • I'll try my best 
    • Male Jesse used here 

    Aiden has finally taken over the palace,and has the Eversource held hostage.Jesse and Isa the Founder have finally towered back themselves up to Sky City,and when Jesse meets face to face again with Aiden who is very surprised to see him then uhhh...just read if your interested I guess.. "No!It can't be!!I say you went down!You went DOWN!!Shouted Aiden at Jesse while lying down on the Founder's throne while holding a spawn egg in his hands.Along with JayJay the Jet Plane guarding the Eversource.But seems pretty down about something.Instead of being happy cause he's right next to his/her crush,who left him in charge guarding the Eversource!Especailly from Reginald.And…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: Well, why can't i? Sigh, so,

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  • Daph Boyden

    Minecraft Story Mode the Musical is a musical adaption of Minecraft Story Mode inspired by Man on the Internet's Undertale the Musical. 

    More information can be found here:

    However due to there being a three month deadline limit, on June 30th, I'll make a second MCSM the Musical casting call with roles that are in despreate need for auditions.

    The musical will have original songs and has an already completed full script for the full musical that'll be released after all of the songs had been released.

    For now, we're focused on releasing the trailer that'll reveal the first song's (Prolouge) release date. The MCSM Musical will have the first four episodes, and if we can, we …

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  • Unknown11223345

    I think this is right. Can we share our ideas of what happened to Aiden after order up

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  • Jessefan1

    On July 18, 2020 through July 22, 2020, I will not be active because I will be gone to camp at Windy Gap, NC to spend with my friends and other things, and other additional things to say other than this is that I decided to stay on Wikia until October 25, 2020 and decided to stay on Discord until November. I will be active for at least for 4 and a half months.

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  • Daph Boyden

    An AU based off the Butterfly Effect, where a small change can create big outcomes.

    Here, a small change leads to bad events. Axel is stopped from taking the potion in "Order of the Stone", hence Ivor was able to kill the Witherstorm early, erasing all events that happens later in the episode all the way to Above and Beyond.

    A year pass, and PAMA ends up taking over the worlds, including the Overworld, leaving Jesse, and her friends alone to deal with it and avoid getting chipped

    I always wondered what would've happened had the Witherstorm been killed off early. I knew that it wasn't gonna be a cakewalk because the New Order of the Stone were needed. Without them:

    -The Old Order will still be falsely idolized

    -Sky City will still be controlled …

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: Alright, take the egg if you want, huh! >:O!

    • Steve throws something white to The Giant Eagle, causing it to have it stuck on the beak, however, it turns out to be a white bomb that Steve coloured, so, when The Giant Eagle noticed the bomb, it starts to scream and then explode, turning into a giant cooked chicken on a plate*

    Steve: Heh, that was easy! ^^! *Steve starts to keep walking, however, Herobrine pops up in front of Steve*

    Herobrine: AH! Steve, i have been expecting you in here. Well, how about a deal? You give that egg to me and i won't kill ya, tho, if ya don't give that egg to me, then, that even means that, you guessed it, yup, you will "DIE!" Even so, what do ya say, Steve? >:)?

    Steve: -_-? ._., Hm? *Thinks*

    A: Accept the dea…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (NOTE: This blog might be controversial. Also, this doesn't have anything to do with Steve's Interactive Adventure, however, i will do this before that part, so, enjoy, maybe?:)

    • Steve's legs are seen walking on the streets, however, when the camera is zooming out and shows Steve's full body, he have new different clothes, looking like a punk/gangster. Meanwhile, the song "Bad Boys" by Bob Marley starts to play as Steve is doing stuffs*
    • Steve throws a rock at a window, causing a hole to be made on it*

    Guy: HEY! >:(, What was that for? *Steve starts to laugh and runs away, then, Steve uses a needle, popping a little boy's balloon, and, makes him cry*

    • Steve is then taking an ice cream from another boy*

    Boy: HEY! That was mine!

    Steve: Oh, sorry! Do …

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: Seriously, tho, this egg would be a cool collection! I'll take it, alright!

    • ½ Eggs left, even. That many eggs, lol? Because, Steve stole it whole!:*

    Steve: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This is the biggest egg i've ever seen! Nothing would stop me!

    • However, a giant eagle flies above Steve, as Steve notices the eagle after it's screaming*

    Steve: Huh? *Looks up* GULP! O_O, Except for a giant eagle! OMG! What do i do? What do i do?

    A: Throw a bomb at it.

    B: Give back the egg to him/her.

    C: Throw the egg in the lava.

    • To be continued!*

    (We can't be that far away, yet, we might be close to the ending, guys!)

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: Alright, how about we mix them, hm? *Steve mixes Choice A and B together*

    • Steve is using a glider*

    Steve: There, so, now i can fly to the hill, and, fight some awful guys as i fly! AWAY!

    • Steve flies up to the hill, however, Ghasts are heading towards him, with Pigmen on them*

    Steve: Huh? Uh, hi, huh? Heh, i-

    • The Ghast is shotting a fireball at Steve as The Pigman told it, however, Steve used his sword, causing it to hit The Ghast, killing it and making The Pigman fall down the lava, burning to death! Ah, lava can't kill, even? At least it was burning and died!:*
    • The Other Pigmen looks at each other and gulps, telling their Ghasts to retreat, and, they obeys, flying away*

    Steve: Piece of cake!

    • Steve lands on the hill*

    Steve: Huh? :3, OH! It's…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Hi, Guys! So sorry that i didn't upload the second part for a while, anyway, enjoy!:)

    Steve: Hi, Guys! Ok, i should stop saying that. Anyway. Portal C? Alright, Portal C it is, then!

    • Steve enters Portal C*

    Steve: AND! We are in.... Huh?

    • Steve are in a lava-filled world. And, as it is lava-filled, it are hot*

    Steve: So, a volcano of any kind, huh? Hm. Now, what was i supposed to do inside this world now, again? Hm? *Notices* OH! Right! For 1 reason, i have something to get in the other side over there! *Points at the top of a hill, far away up there* So! To get over there, i need again, somebody who can decide! Pls? Well, i have an idea! I'll just ask them, again!:

    • Steve asks us, once, again*

    Steve: What will i do now, hm?

    A: Fly over there.

    B: Fig…

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  • ISeeHimSometimes

    • ==="If you think your place is out there Petra.Than so is mines." ===
    • ===Based on a Oneshot I made!On the ship wiki


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve is inside a house, judging by the background, there are walls and such stuffs, he is talking to somebody*

    Steve: So, what do you usually like to do? :/?

    • His friend is revealed, as, the camera zooms out a bit, it is Napstablook from Undertale!:*

    Napstablook: Sigh, y'know? Just lie on the floor and feel like junk.

    Steve: Hm, can i join?

    Napstablook: Sure.

    • Both just lies on the ground, however, Steve is getting impatient like always. Suddenly, after, like, 10 seconds, the background in the house turns into space, as Steve and Napstablook, chilling, are just doing nothing*

    Steve: *Notices* HUH? Hey! Am i the only one who sees the background? :D! *Grins as it is closing!:*

    THE END!

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve seems to be still sad, as he is checking messages on the computer, he can't help but frown.*

    Aiden's Message: You Suck!

    Cassie's Message: Go And Die!

    Stella's Message: You're a Loser!

    Notch's Message: U ARR NU SUN OF MEIN-E! >:(.


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve looks so quiet and sad, watching a blank TV Screen, he doesn't even makes any single sound or noise, just, staring very blank at the empty screen, however, Jesse appears in the room*

    Jesse: Steve, you alright?


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: *Waits as he seems to stare at his computer screen, yeah, he is waiting for something* You rlly should start, i want to do mine, next. *Checks watch* Oh, come on!

    • Days later*

    Steve: Ok, now? *Checks, he couldn't for sure find anything in there, either* EH!

    • Even much later*

    Steve: So, now that it might make longer then i thought, i guess i'll just entertain myself with even some games?

    • Steve finds a message, however*

    Steve: OH! A message? Oh my gosh! *Checks it* GASPS!

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  • ShippingItLikeFedex100%

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Hello, dudes! For those who have been using this wiki for many years ago, here is a pic of two users who was very good friends. XxFishTimeWinslowxX (Called "Winslow") and Wolfboy231 (Called "Wolf") who was quite two users who i can still remember, never ever forget. I'll gonna miss them both very much. Both have been seen last time in 2018, but for now, they have been inactive, ever since this have happened. Sigh, why, just why do they need to be inactive? Just because of the game not getting Season 3 or a series based on it? Sigh, i seriously is so depressed to lose friends, however, i am rlly hoping the best for both of them, they was like two of my best friends, however, i might not have been nice to them all the time, tho, fortunately,…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Yup, once again, he allowed me to continue for him. He did Part Six after i did Part Five once, and, now i will help him with Part Seven, as he should have three parts left after this one, anyway, enjoy!:)

    Steve: AH! What will we do? I don't wanna turn into toast! >_:/! I'll get ya!

    Evyn: Oh, pls, don't! *Evyn throws soap under Cassie's foot, as, yeah, it was under Cassie's foot right when she ran after them, she started to slip, falling backwards*

    Cassie: OOF! >_:(!

    • The Heroes got trapped, as, unfortunately, Scarlett is in front of them, again!:*

    Scarlett: *Laughs evilly* >:D, FINALLY! You guys are not going anywhere!

    Steve: Don't tell me, commercial break? -_-? *The screen turns black, which usually happens during dramatic parts on TV, as it …

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Steve: Hi, Guys! It's Steve here. Today, it's "Interactive Choices with Steve" and Steve is me of course. Y'know, "Minecraft: Story Mode" is an interactive game about the world of Minecraft and all that. So, i have decided to go on an adventure. Now, let's obviously go somewhere, yeah!

    • Later, Steve appears in The Portal Network!:*

    Steve: The Portal Network! Yeah, if you will choose something for me, then, you will wait and see what will happen in the second part, or, others of this adventure. So, should somebody give, or, tell me any choices? Ok, this is easy. Which portal should i choose? Whatever it is inside them, i will appear in a random dimension! Well, here are some choices:

    Portal A.

    Portal B.

    Portal C.

    Steve: Ok, any of those, three. Ch…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants
    • Steve is watching something, however, Notch appears*

    Notch: Hey, Son. What are u watching?

    Steve: I am watching BlockDude CircleHead. Yeah, now. *On The TV, a blocky dude with a circle head is shown*

    BlockDude: Hello, there! ^^!

    Notch: Steve, that's for little kids!

    Steve: Shut it! I will watch whatever i want!

    Notch: YOU DARE TO TELL ME TO SHUT IT!? >:/? >:), Well. How about i take the remote from ya?

    • Notch snatches Steve's remote*

    Steve: HEY!

    Notch: >XD, Well, as a punishment, i will ground you. And no TV for 7 months!

    Steve: But, Notch!

    Notch: No buts, Steve. It's an order, Son!

    Steve: Sigh, Fine, Daddy. Ur so stupid! >:/! I hate you!

    • Steve walks angry to his room, closing the door, with a hard shut*

    Notch: Hm. *Looks behind himself, making sure that…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Yeah, just showing some more pictures with Jesse and Steve. Just because i think that they looks like an awesome duo, imo, Steve is best friends with white male Jesse. Welp, yeah. Ah, anyway, i got nothing else to say, rather then the words under the pictures. Welp, enjoy everything that is shown, i hope this is entertaining, yeah.


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Hello, Guys! Steve, again. Here is another picture from "Nova Skin" where i added other two species by typing in their names to add them. This time, it is Felix Fox and Tom Tanuki. Tho, Felix is a fennec fox, so, i thought it would be a fun pun if he was named Felix. Pretty fun, eh? And, well, about Tom, a tanuki is also called "Raccoon Dog" and they are not even related to raccoons at all, they are canids, just like foxes, so, those two seems to be related, or maybe not. However, raccoon dogs looks like raccoons, so, that is maybe why they are named that, yeah, maybe. However, hm, those two would actually not be created from Minecraft, however, i recently is in this year, have been creating them with my mind. And, as i draw crappy, is, id…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Hello, Guys! Steve here. Ever wondered how "The C.R.I.T.T.E.R.S" looks like? Well, i have a picture of them, for those who wonder. I think it is my first time to add a picture in this wiki, btw. Welp, a picture in a blog post, duh! Ok, first blog post pic? Yup! So, since i did it obviously now, instead of talking nonsense, let's just see, yeah? Ok, yup!

    Well, anyway, when i did this, i actually didn't create any of those skins, saldy. But, besides, if i did it, anyway. It would look crappy, anyway. So, yeah. When i decided those, tho, those skins are probably made by other people. Yeah, credit goes to them, btw! So, i searched for their species. Yeah, typing "Raccoon" "Rabbit" and "Squirrel" and decided those, anyway, for Charlie, when i se…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (WARNING: This blog post "might" be too scary and/or just disturbing to some people. However, you have been warned!:)

    • Inside a chatting room, Steve is entering, two new users (that is "fan-made!") are inside there!:*

    Steve: Hi, Guys! ^^! I'm Steve! What's the name of you two? OH! You two are new, huh? Welcome!

    • Both users leaves the room, leaving Steve all alone*

    Steve: :/, Grrrrr, I KNEW IT! They just IGNORES ME!

    • Steve's face turns red, until he takes a deep breath*

    Steve: *Calms down* Sigh. :(, BOTH OF YOU!

    • Steve shakes of anger, however, he calms down a tiny bit*

    Steve: :), YEAH!

    User 1: :D. YEAH! That's what I'm gonna do!

    User 1: *Sniffs and sobs* :D, I'll be back! >XD!

    • Steve starts to do laughs, like a psycho, as, yup, he goes to the bathroom, cl…
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  • JesseFan300

    (havent done this in a bit sorry its short anyway enjoy)

    Jesse: Here is the room Lanes in

    ???: S-sorry sir but I am afraid I can not let you do that...

    Steve: Who are you?

    ???: I-Im Evyn The Cassie Rose's and Scarlett's assistant

    Yinny: So Evyn why wont you let us through you clearly dont like your job..

    Evyn: Their watching...

    Cassie Rose: Hahahahah Remember me Jesse?

    Petra: Cassie!?

    Cassie: Yup did you miss me?

    Jesse: No I did not

    Cassie: Rude! Just for that >:) *Shoots Lane with bow and arrow*

    Lane: Wha- Nonononononono It wasn't supposed to end like thi- *dies*

    Yinny: Oh my gosh...

    Steve: ......

    Jesse gets mad*

    Jesse: *takes  Petras sword and throws it at cassie*

    Cassie catches the sword*

    Cassie: Well Jessie I guess its the end for you too :) *lifts swor…

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