• JesseFan300


    Nobody cares*

    Lane: STUPID!

    Lane walks away from the way they are going*

    Screen changes to the witherstorm*

    Petra: We are almost there!

    Steve: There is Jesse

    Lukas: whats on his head?

    Axel: Its a helmet I got this *rips it off*

    Jesse: am I glad to see you guys

    Petra: Lets get out of here!

    The camera shows Lane in a bright yellow hall and the others run in at the other side of the hall A.k.a the entrance*

    Steve: There you are

    Lane turns around with a sword and tries to kill Jesse but Jesse dodges*

    Jesse: AH!

    Everyone has swords in both hands and all of them try to hit Lane some of them throw their swords*

    Lane: *Dodges a few swords* Haha *Dodges all the rest* I can dodge forever!

    Lane tries to hit Jesse*

    Jesse: Nope *dodges*


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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (This is something i wanted to do but this is like a trailer or something for... Yeah, something... I am bored ok so... Let's see how "Good" i am?)

    • Steve wakes up, in some room. He looks around*

    Steve: What is this place? Huh? Uh... Huh? *He sees a mysterious man appear from the shadows which is a grey suit and a fedore (A hat) and face is not seen for now...*

    Guy: Who are you?

    Steve: I am Steve... Who are you?

    Guy: Some guy... Who ask you... Do you work for "Herobrine?"

    Steve: No! Opposite, i am against him! I was doing a mission to take him down!

    Guy: You seem to lie, you LOOK LIKE him, but... You have eyes... Uh, yeah you sure? You look like you have a disguise, or is a clone of him or something?

    Steve: Eh, i am Steve, not a clone so i am not s…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Well, after i did two blogs for JesseFan300 to help his story, he did three after and now here we are, Part 10! Ya know oh well pals? Yes ya know i do anything for a friend, since he asked me if i could work on it yesterday in Sunday i believe and now i am doing this as i promise, it is kinda hard to remember where i am btw so i try my best ok i hope this is ok btw and yeah it is or was my Dad's birthday today and you guys maybe don't notice but ah well Happy Birthday to my Dad anyway but yeah Happy Birthday somebody may say but let's do this!)

    • Everybody jumped into water last time and now they escape under a hole similiar to Soren's wool world then they enter out of some portal*

    Petra: Well, we made it so far... Ok, let's find the two guys…

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  • JesseFan300

    Jesse: That isnt fair.

    Lane: Your the one who wanted to fight

    Jesse: >:) HAHAHAHA 

    Jesse kicks Tyler and Blake out of the witherstorm*

    Both: Nooooooooo

    Lane: Jesse!

    Lanes eyes go black like Jesse's then it glows White instead of the color of Jesse's glowing eye which is blue*

    Lane: Lets do this *Hits Jesse in the neck with his sword*

    Jesse: Take this *His sword turns to the sword he destroyed the command block with and hits Lanes sword with it*

    Lanes sword slices in half*

    Lane: What how oh well then 

    Lane puts his fist up and Armor made out of ice and a ice sword*

    Lane: TAKE THIS!

    Lane slices Jesse's Leg*

    Lane: I think

    Jesse: I know

    Both: Im stronger then you

    Witherstorms Tentacle come inside oh the wither storms body and traps Jesse*

    Jesse: Huh- 

    Jesse snap…

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  • JesseFan300

    Lane: >:) HAHAHAHAHA

    The villains get trapped under snow as some saves Lane from being trapped*

    Lane: huh *Looks up*

    ??? #1: I got my eye on you so you just watch it!

    Lane: Excuse me who are you

    ??? #2: We are the people who saved you at the base

    Lane: Oh wow

    ??? #1: Im Blake by the way

    ???#2: Im Tyler

    Lane: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Lane Runs to wither storm beam then looks at camera*

    Lane: Im confused as you are

    Lane looks away from camera*

    • They all get sucked in to the witherstorm*

    Lane: Oof

    Jesse is waiting there with his sword out*

    Jesse: Why hello there *turns around*

    Blake: Whats wrong with his eyes

    • Jesses eyes are pitch black then one eye glows*

    Lane: I dont know whats gotten in to you! But we might have to kill you

    Blake and Tyler pull out thei…

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  • JesseFan300

    (So the last 2 parts were done by SteveBobMinecraftPants But I can continue my story again)

    Lane: Where could Veronica be?

    Jesse: I know where

    Jesse pulls out fire work at shoots it at the witherstorm*

    Wither storm sucks everyone but Lane up even though he is in tractor beam too*

    Lane: Wha-


    Veronica appears behind Lane*

    Veronica: Your other friends have fallen for my trap

    Lane:  Huh *turns around*

    Veronica: I wonder why you didnt get sucked up either. Oh yeah its because I stuck that thing on the back of your head

    Lane: What!?! *Sees red device on head*

    Veronica: Prepare to die

    Lane looks at camera*

    Lane: Here we go again

    Lane looks away from camera*

    Veronica: Take this *Chokes Lane*

    All villains come and pile on top of Lane*

    Lane: G…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Well, he almost had a plan but... Since he asked me if i could do Part 5 Before i did but now Part 6 eh because he is out of ideas and if i do this then he will continue so... I will work on this as well, then he may continue too?)

    • The Wither Storm, Romeo, Hazardly the Wizard, Gavin, Annie and Cassie Rose (I think those was all the villains?) suddenly surrounds the heroes*

    Gavin: *He claps his hands slowly like a criminal evil mastermind* :) Good work, >:) you somehow defeated The Visitor, how about you defeat us as well?

    Steve: Oh, i sure can do! >:)

    Petra: STEVE! Are you freaking nuts? Rlly so even if ya rlly wasn't nuts what ya did before if ya know... It is freaking nuts right now!

    Steve: Why's that?

    Petra: *This moment without money... Now…

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  • LandynGunderfan

    as this blog title suggests Season 2 was a rip you may ask why well my awnser is, because in Season 2 most of the mobs that are in the series don't exist in regular Minecraft like a prison slime, winter ender creeper, and Giant ghast

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  • Jessefan1

    This is my choices that I chose from Minecraft Story Mode Netfilx Episode 5. I apologize for not making them last week because I had play Xbox and watch videos. I decided to release it on Jan 26th.

    I voted the new Order of the Stone to get some glory.

    I told them that We've come so far.

    I told them if this is a enchanted Flint and Steel.

    I decided to get Axel a try for it.

    I told Aiden that he's not worth it.

    I told everyone in town that it's time to party.

    I told Ivor that he can't have his lava house here.

    I told Lukas that I really miss Reuben.

    I told Ivor what is it.

    I told Petra that Ivor is smart.

    I told Aiden to be careful with it.

    I told them that It's a city in the clouds.

    I told the Nervous Townsperson of there's something wrong.

    I looked at t…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (This is actually JesseFan300's blog, i decided to do this because he was out of ideas, this isn't mine, he just wanted me because he can think when i did one, hope he is proud, i do anything for a friend now... Dude friends are important more important than money!)

    ???: *Takes off helmet, he still have squeaky voice without helmet* Anyway, my name's "The Visitor" and i came here to destroy you!

    Jesse: Heh, he gonna "Destroy" Us... With his CHIPMUNK voice or what? XD!

    • Jesse and others laughs*

    The Visitor: ENOUGH! >:/ *Everybody stops laughing and looks of fear* I know what ya wonder, it is me who is responsible for some reason... Your three friends are robots now! They will never turn back to normal again!

    Petra: What if Steve have to... *She g…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Well, i was bored, so i decided to make this SIMILIAR to Telltale Games, which shut down i guess, this is a tribute, in loving memory of Telltale Games man so the Games like this, just like MCSM, so... This one is kinda similiar...)

    • We see the title for the episode "Episode 1 Notch visits Steve" and Notch is staring at Steve, outside his door*

    This game series adapts to the choices you make. The story is tailored by how you play

    Written By Steve the Minecraftian, Please dont sue me Telltale Games

    • We see Steve's and Notch's heads and title say "Steve and The Creator"*
    • Notch is outside Steve's new house... Is outside yeah and Steve lives now down with Xara, in case ya wonder? He rang the bell and Steve opened the door*

    Notch: Hi Steve, is Xara sl…

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  • JesseFan300

    (sorry its been so long so I wrote the last part the last part was short so this is a mini part 2 of part 4)

    Evil voice: Going to planet earth

    Jesse: *wakes up* Huh Is everyone ok?


    Jesse: Here you go

    Jesse frees Petra and wakes up the others*

    Petra: WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • fours meteors hit the ground and for people step out of a device in the middle of each one*

    Lukas: It cant be....

    Jesse drops his sword*

    • Four people get out of the metors and its Lane,Oliva, And Axel But robots and a masked Person in a gray space uniform*

    ???: Deep voice* Hello I come to destory *cough cough* Hold on *clears throat* 

    Jesse: Uhh

    ???: *Sqeaky voice*  Ok thats bette…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Yes, the question is... What will i do? Meanwhile JesseFan300 is working on his blog adventure, the adventure i plan to obviously do is after his blog lol of course, i must wait for his blog... But i need to let him think, so i don't wanna bother anybody, but meanwhile uh anybody want me to do any blog? That isn't an adventure yeah? Uh yeah that is not the adventure after his blog? Well i can do whatever ya guys want so tell me what you want me to do, if anybody knows then?

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  • GuiFFI

    I wanted to share one of my theory of MCSM, this theory is about how it's possible all charcaters doesn't get old or why some of the characters are youngers and some are adults? There most be a logic about it.

    My logic is since the game Minecraft was created and get so poopular, I'm imagining the Jesse's gang (especially Jesse, Axel and Olivia) playing sometimes together, it would be the reason why Olivia know many things about how to build with redstones using often the crafting table and why Axel may like destroying things playing in Minecarft. Jesse would be the guy/girl who is beginner at playing minecraft I would think it's why Jesse doesn't already kill an animal or don't think bad about animals.

    Something would have been happen in the…

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  • JesseFan300

    Happy New Year

    January 2, 2019 by JesseFan300

    Uh Just wanted to say happy new year guys!

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  • JesseFan300

    Mission Part 4

    December 30, 2018 by JesseFan300

    The two people vanish*

    Jesse: Uh okk................................................................................

    Cassie rose appears out of no where and cuts Jesses leg*

    Jesse: Arg-

    Cassie: TIME TO DIE!

    Steve: NOO!

    • Steve pulls out sword*


    Steve gets knocked over by Gavin*

    Gavin: Nope *makes steve float and bangs him against wall

    Veronica: uh oh

    The wither storm comes and puts beam on Veronica*

    Veronica: Well.... I Dont know *salute*

    Lukas gets scared*

    Lukas : Ima lay down now- *faints*

    Petra: Ugh

    Annie wakes up and takles Petra down*

    Romeo shows up*

    Romeo: I got this *Makes a cell with lava under it and puts petra in it*

    Axel and Oliva: Pulls out swords* TAKE THI-

    Slow mo*

    Gavin round house kicks them*

    all the villains float*


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  • Jessefan1

    This is my choices that I chose in MCSM Netflix S1E4.

    I decide to take Petra.

    I told Soren that Gabriel has forgot everyone.

    I will go talk to Petra first.

    I told Petra that she didn't know what was going to happen.

    I told Reuben that the world needs us.

    I told Soren that we can use the amulet.

    I told Ivor if we're there yet.

    I told Ivor that we need that cake.

    I told them that Ivor bailed on me.

    I told them that it's find an another way.

    I told Olivia that we're back together.

    I told Olivia that We won at Endercon.

    I crafted both Sticky Piston and Redstone Block.

    I told Soren if that's true.

    I looked at the Bookcase.

    I talked to Gabriel.

    I told Gabriel that he will be fine.

    I looked at the Chest.

    I looked at the Redstone Hole.

    I used to Crafting Table to cra…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    So... This one is decided by Samuel, he is not sure what it is about tho, and no this is not Part 1, heh this is trailer or uh plot of course just like what i first did with "Steve's Dangerous Adventure" Which was decided by JesseFan300! O_O And i got 0 Clue either but... I guess it will be created when JesseFan300 Is done with his story oh he should be done with that first or idk, since we often do stories connected with our blogs uh yeah right uh our blogs are sequels to each other, anyway, of course there will be a new villain named something i come up with already, and he got an idiotic sidekick, i guess the villain is an evil scientist or something... And well, idk much what it will even be about, should i do the story when JesseFan30…

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  • Becky MCPE


    So sorry for this taking so long, and (slightly belated) Happy Holidays!

    Heads up: This series contains violence and slightly dark themes and may be too intense for some. I'll keep it PG-13.

    I walked into the building and saw a tall man, he had a photo of him and a small child on his desk. "--shouldn't have spoiled 'im so much when I was raising him-- Oh! allo, youngin. Did ye come all this way by yerself? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the boat tour is for humans only, plus the booth manager is on break right now." He pointed at a booth nearby. I walked over to it and saw a sign. "Out on break! Please inquire the potion shop across the swamp for details." The sign said. "Well, damn it, another inconv…

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Epilogue: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Finally, this tale of edginess and wonton angst has come to a close. Did I lie about nothing bad happening? Yes. Did any of you believe me? Of course you didn’t. The writer could only have made it more obvious by subtitling this OCC “The one where everyone literally dies”. Ah, but I’ve forgotten. There’s still Christmas day! Let’s see how that went for our little protagonists.

    When morning came, everyone woke up and got dressed. Domitron was already in the kitchen, setting out copious amounts of delectable desserts and snacks. Moments later, the doorbell rang and Domi went to answer. Everyone who had missed the party due to an unexpected death arrived, and everyone had a touchy, sappy moment that I doubt you want t…

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  • Gerald-XR-Donovan

    Merry Christmas

    December 25, 2018 by Gerald-XR-Donovan

    (Pls don't sue me thy who don't celebrate Christmas)

    Merry Christmas lads (or ladettes again don't sue me D:)

    And if you're unfortunate enough to live in an area where it's still Christmas Eve, I hope you have a good one. If you want you can say what you got in the comments. I'm old and don't get much but since I'm bored I'll just say what I got.

    I got the first 23 volumes of TWD comics, a few CDs and books, a coat, and some shirts.

    Anyway cya

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 13: One more day 'till Christmas...

    Order’s eyes fluttered open. Stretching her limbs, she rose to her feet. Her normal, not ghostly feet. Her heart leapt to her throat in excitement. Order immediately checked on everyone else. They were sleeping on the ground, but completely physical and alive. She could’ve collapsed in relief if she hadn’t been so wound-up.

    L was the next one to wake up, rubbing her eyes and scanning the room. After a few moments, she was satisfied and turned her attention to the others. Her eyes settled on Order. L gave a shaky thumbs-up. “We did it, didn’t we?”

    Order nodded enthusiastically. She then turned her focus to the clock by Domitron’s bed. It read no differently than from when Louis had started everything…

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  • JesseFan300

    ( Well I had to make a random choice because the votes were not even :/ )

    Jesse: Hang in there Lukas!

    Jesse saves Lukas*

    Lane,Oliva and Axel disappear*

    Petra: Uhhhhhhhhhh RUNNNNNNNNNNNN

    Veronica: Follow me I know a safe place with other amazing warriors

    Petra: No Jesse follow me! Im A good enough warrior

    Lukas: Uh Jesse all of us are going with Veronica

    Petra: Who cares about them come with me Jesse!

    Veronica: Come with us we dont have time for this!

    Jesse: Im going with Veronica

    Petra: Ugh

    Petra stomps in the other direction*

    Veronica: Lets go

    The screen goes black and Then shows a huge army base*

    Jesse: a army base

    Veronica: Yes but not exactly Its a army base that got left behind and now we use it as the Warriors clan Base

    Annie appears out of no where …

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 2: 2 days 'till Christmas...

    A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, but no picture can drop-kick a teenage girl. Tears wouldn’t stop spilling down Lnerd’s face, soaking the chest of her nightgown. She allowed herself to wrap her arms around the boy hugging her.

    Despite his body being gray and ghostly, L knew exactly who was in front of her. Domitron gently helped L to her feet, and ushered her away from the group gathering around her other self. The blood still trickled down L’s face, plastering bits of red hair to her face, but she didn’t mind. L just couldn’t stop her tears of joy.

    “I missed you,” she whispered, voice cracking. Domitron paused.

    “We missed you, too,” he murmered, leading her further and further away from…

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  • JesseFan300

    Lane: Why are they all back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Axel: We have to destroy them all over again

    Oliva: What do we do!

    Jesse: Who is that

    Jesse points to a black haired girl in the corner*

    Others: I dont know

    ???: Huh? Who are you!

    ??? Pulls out Bow and aims*

    Lane: Woah chill!


    ??? slowly walks out the door*

    Oliva: Well That was uh weird

    Lukas: Hold on

    • Lukas is fixing his hair*

    Petra: Oh my gosh *face palm*

    The mansion gets taken apart by the wither storm and now its more of a small cabin*

    Lane: Well That escalated quickly

    Jesse: Oof

    Gavin appears out of nowhere*

    Gavin: Take This

    • Pulls out sword and swings it right above Lanes head just barley missing*

    Lane: AHHHHHHHHHHHH That was so close!

    Gavin: Dang it! I missed

    Some comes out of nowhere and ro…

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  • CerysAngelGirl

    Merry Christmas!!!

    December 23, 2018 by CerysAngelGirl

    Christmas 2018 is almost here. I created this blog so we can all talk about the different ways we are celebrating the awesome occasion, and to wish you all the best time- and as well as a very happy new year. Can you believe it's nearly 2019? I can't. ❄️🎄☃️.

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 11: 3 days 'till Christmas...

    Flames ravaged L’s body. Tearing apart her flesh, searing her veins and torching her muscles. Smoke filled her lungs, and they screamed, for she could not. Was this death? She didn’t know. She did know that she couldn’t scream, no matter how much the fire tore her apart. She smiled, her tears evaporating in the sweltering heat.

    Then it was gone.

    A coolness swept over L’s body, like being drizzled in sweet, cold rain. She gasped, filling her lungs with air. The pain ebbed away, and she slowly opened her eyes.

    White. Everything was white.

    Her feet seemed to float for a moment before settling down onto what had to be some type of ground, but as far as Lnerd could tell, it was all pure white. The redhead brough…

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  • Jessefan1

    This is my choices that I chose in MCSM Netflix S1E3.

    I told Petra that we need to tell the others.

    I decided to jump down with the Amulet.

    I told them that this Grinder thing gives me a bad feeling.

    I told Olivia that Jumping is easy, but the landing is hard.

    I decided to help Axel and Reuben.

    I told Lukas that I wanted to thank him for grabbing the Amulet.

    I told Lukas not to look at the Endermen.

    I told everyone to follow Lukas.

    I told Lukas that it's beautiful.

    I went to look at the Fountain.

    I talked to Petra.

    I talked to Reuben.

    I went to press the Lever, but it only gets 1 of the 3 lights on each one.

    I talked to Lukas.

    I told Lukas that Petra is sick.

    I told Lukas that we're a team.

    I told Olivia to not give up.

    I looked at the chest for anything bu…

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  • JesseFan300

    Mission For Adventure

    December 22, 2018 by JesseFan300

    (This takes place right after the end of Steves Dangerous Adventure so here we go)

    Jesse: *speaking with mouth full* Mmmmmmm Pancakes are so good

    Olivia:I know right

    Ivor: Well I heard about a place where people can come back to life

    Steve: Sigh Well if Lane is dead-

    Others: We can bring him back to life!

    All but Ivor: So Where is it]

    Ivor: Its deep in a forest

    • The camera goes down in the ground the shows a forest*

    Ivor: In a big house if you put a dead person on the floor in a dining room

    Jesse: *Makes Buzzer Sound* His body disappeared

    Ivor: Oh yeah lets hope his ghost follows us so the ghost go there 

    A few hours later*

    Lane: Hey Guys im a ghost why are you at this creepy mansion

    Axel: For this

    • Axel Grabs Lane and throws him on the floor*

    Lane: AHHHHHH…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Yup, final part, which i HAD to do, because i want JesseFan300 To continue after my adventure, yes, we work good together so... Enjoy the last part!)

    Annie: But enough of this! Time for the final showdown!

    Steve: Well, i know anything...

    Annie: Anything or "Annie" Thing? XD *Sees camera* Geddit? *Slaps knee*

    Steve: Well, if there is ANYTHING i learned, is that my friends hates me now... And this time, well, i guess you have won, Annie... With ANNIE Thing...

    Annie: XD That so right, loser! U gonna even eh... Even loose now be very sure to that, in this showdown, i gonna beat you in a match! Heh that match is...

    Steve: Shadow match?

    Lane: Somebody said "Shadow Match?"

    • Lane starts to control Annie*

    Annie: NO! NOT AT ALL! >:/ *She takes out Lane from …

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 10: 4 days 'till Christmas...

    Nia (Purpose): To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

    L watched as the blue sparkles of light slowly drifted to the floor before winking out of sight. She was sprawled out on the carpet, letting the tears in her eyes slowly seep into the soft material. She couldn’t move. The girl wanted to fall asleep, to wake up and have it be Christmas morning.

    She remembered Domitron’s grin as he welcomed her to his house. They’d been happy that morning. Order jokingly chasing Wolf. She and Narrator making sure they didn’t hurt themselves. Georgia and Domitron playing games downstairs. The smell of cookies.

    L realized sh…

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  • GuiFFI

    MCSM Season 1 Episode 1 GuiFFI Gameplay

    I kept him with me, because I don't wanted to loose him again or something bad happens to him.

    He is my best friend after all. (And of everyone of course)

    I rescued Lukas, because noyone deserve to be left behind and he is a good friend.

    I helped Gabriel, because I thought he could help easily the gang.

    And I thought Petra could handle herself since she told me for help the others.

    I let Lukas leave, because I wanted to respect his choice.

    I chose Magnus, because I wanted to see the explosions and actions from his town.

    • Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Episode 1 my storytale play  by Order of the Female Jesse 
    • My MCSM Choices from Season 1 Episode 1  by Jessefan1
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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 9: 5 days 'till Christmas...

    Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves

    Wolf slammed his fist into the wall. He pulled back, then swung again. And again. His knuckles turned bloody, and the droplets slowly began to stain the paint. He heard people coming. He knew he should move. He just chose not to. Narrator, once again, pulled him away, restraining him. Wolf struggled, shouting at his friend.

    “Let me go! I don’t care! I don’t care anymore! It’s stupid! This is stupid! Let me GO, DANGIT! I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THIS!” He yelled, pushing and kicking against Narrator’s muscular form. The taller teen was far stronger, however, and kept a hold on him. L was comp…

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 8: 6 days 'till Christmas...

    Imani (Faith): To believe with all our hearts in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle

    Order wanted to fling something off a cliff. Preferably, her body. The only thing that kept her from running far, far away from everything was the fact that she still had four people to live for. Narrator, G, L, and Wolf. The brunette refused to look at her friend’s sobbing form against Narrator’s sedentary body. She didn’t look at the floor, where she’d seen her friends turn to little sparkles and then vanish from her life. She instead stared furiously at the counter, willing her tears to stop. She counted the knives in the knife block with as much focus a…

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  • Order of the Command Block

    (This is on yesterday's date, as I could not make it in time. Today's chapter is coming out later)

    Chapter 7: 7 days 'till Christmas...

    Kuumba (Creativity): To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it

    Georgia grasped at Domitron’s arm, ignoring the hot tears spilling down her cheeks. She was screaming, she thought. It was all white noise. She couldn’t see past her friend, lying still on the ground before her. His face was burned into her mind. His soft, uncertain smile right before he gave up.

    Right before he turned to wisps of smoke right between her fingers.

    She sagged into Wolf’s body, feeling drained and wound up at the same time. Her hands clutched hi…

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  • GuiFFI

    MCSM New Drawing By me !

    December 19, 2018 by GuiFFI

    Rest In Peace Reuben 2015-2019 !

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 6: 8 days 'till Christmas...

    Umoja (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race

    Domitron stared intensely at the clock as it ticked closer and closer to the time where everything would be set in motion. They had all set up a system of tiny pranks and petty misfortunes to upset the AU versions of themselves. He could only hope it worked and that everything would soon be over. He wasn’t sure how long everyone could hold it together.

    Everyone had split up, going to their own corners of the house. Domitron had selected the kitchen, as it provided a view of the front door, which boasted a shiny, new lock. Apparently, AU Domi had been so rattled by Wolf's mishap that he decided to lock every door …

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 5: 9 days 'till Christmas...

    Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility): To build and maintain our community together and make our brothers' and sisters' problems our problems, and to solve them together

    “What’s our plan?” G asked as she watched hand sanitizer drain down the kitchen sink she was pouring it in.

    “G, we just went over the plan-“ Domitron’s reply was interrupted by Georgia hastily explaining.

    “No, I meant what’s our plan if all of this fails?” Unsure baby blue eyes swept over the small crowd in the kitchen.

    Their only reply was silence.

    “Death,” Order laughed, “we get death if this fails.” She smiled, and quickly wrapped her friend in a hug. “Fortunately, this plan is brilliant, so we can’t fail!” Despite the lightness in he…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Ok, k decided to continue yup i did so ok... Last part we escaped the toy store but i was...)

    • All the heroes runs away from Annie*

    Ivor: WHY Did ya have to slam the door, Steve? >:(

    Steve: Sorry, i thought Annie could not have good hearing...

    Annie: Oh i sure do!

    • She is right behind them, holding her sword and prepares to attack*

    Petra: Steve! No!

    Annie: Steve, yes! >:D

    • Tries to chop Steve into half but Steve kick her in the leg*

    Annie: AH! NOT AGAIN! *She trips and all of them stops seeing how she react* Sss.... Ahhh... Sss... Ahhh... Sss....

    Steve: Just... Back away, slowly awkwardly!... *Everybody does so as Steve said then runs again*

    Petra: Uh, Steve?

    Steve: Wut?

    Petra: Do ya even know where we going?

    Jesse: Yeah, we probably won't find...

    Olivia: …

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 4: 10 days 'till Christmas

    Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics): To build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together

    Hiding in the pantry of the alternate universe version of his own home was not Domitron’s idea of a fun Christmas festivity. The only remotely good thing about the situation was that Louis had managed to get Niko to return, and she was now floating by Domi’s side. Then again, being reminded that your girlfriend was dead wasn’t exactly reassuring. He wondered if he should be trying to comfort her, but Niko wasn’t really up for conversation. His words all perished on his lips.

    Meanwhile, Georgia was having a delightful time just following behind the alternate Domitron, despite the …

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 3: 11 days 'till Christmas...

    Going into alternate universes on Christmas Eve was not Wolf’s ideal celebration, but it wasn’t like he had a choice. On his hands and knees, he grit his teeth, skin sizzling and tingling. Beside him, lying on the cool tiles, was Domitron. Neither boy had the ability to check on the other, no matter how much they wanted. Their skin still emitted a ghostly smoke as they quietly writhed in place.

    Wolf was slammed into the ground by a sudden weight. He cried out, shoving it off of him. Hissing in pain, he glanced at the form now sprawled on the ground. With sudden guilt, he realized he had shoved Georgia painfully onto hard floor. The blond made no sound to indicate she’d been injured, but then again, she w…

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  • GuiFFI

    -coming soon-

    I don't need really to judge the english version of this game since it's the original language and all the characters fit well with their voices. 

    Both languages did an exellent job about their choices of actor voices, the expressions of each emotions in the characters are really well made.

    In the french version, the only character who has a french "accent" (a way to talk like a french person) is definitely : Axel

    Seriously despite the voice didn't really combine like the english version he really made me think of a native french person throught his expression and way to talk, I would say he's the best character!  

    The spanish and mexican version I will not really do bad critics since they were the ones who made a lot of amazing e…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    (Yes, i did this in JesseFan300's Birthday, this is what i promised in yesterday's blog, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DUDE! :D This will be your present! Anyway last time... Lane pointed at something)

    • Everybody sees a chest*

    Steve: It is a chest!

    Jesse: Oh, i wonder what's inside?

    Lane: Hm, i heh could take a look!

    • He opens it*
    • Everybody else seems surprised about what it is*

    Lane: :/... It is empty!

    Steve: Shall we all...

    Lane: A Paper, says... "Look, HARDER!"

    Steve: Well, I am ½ Of this but ok!

    • Everybody looks closer inside the chest and then...*

    The Mysterious One: HA-IAH! *Slams them all 9 with a log*

    All: Oof! *Faints*

    The Mysterious One: >:)!

    • Later, all of them tho yeah heh yes all sleeps somewhere, a dark room, at least not stuck in chairs tho phew this time, …
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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 2: 12 days 'till Christmas...

    Domitron awoke to the blissful quiet of a cold winter night, warm and cozy in his sheets. He blinked, letting his eyes adjust to the dim silver moonlight that was the only light source in the bedroom. Upon drawing himself out of his sleepy thoughts, the teen rose from the bed to go to the bathroom. He knew it was not time to wake anyone up yet. The alarm next to his bed read 4:00 A.M.

    He padded down the carpeted hallway to his bathroom, careful not to make any noise. All the lights remained off. The boy finished his business, gently closed the bathroom door, and began his trek back to his warm bed. Upon arrival, Domitron snuggled up under the covers and shut his eyes. No one had been woken up, and he was…

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  • Jessefan1

    This is my choices that I chose in MCSM Netflix S1E2.

    I decided to use a sword.

    I know that the green part on the amulet means.

    I decided to chase Griefer.

    I chose to give Axel the amulet.

    I told Magnus that we're not griefers.

    I decided that I feel like Magnus doesn't trust me.

    I have to tell Magnus that I will be stuck at the tower if I win.

    I chose Pink Wool.

    I told Magnus that he's going down.

    I told the citizens of Boom Town how are they doing in town.

    I told Petra that I'm glad she's okay.

    I told Ellegaard that she and Magnus need to get along.

    I told Olivia that it's not her fight.

    I told them that he wasn't on the map.

    I told Ellegaard that Olivia's awesome.

    I decided to help Reuben before he falls, but we both fell in.

    I told Lukas thank you.

    I dec…

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  • SteveBobMinecraftPants

    Is something i know, and i have already said it but to remind others tho i remind others about Cerys have her Birthday this December 13th, Happy Birthday Girl! :D... So, speaking of that, if the rumours are true, JesseFan300 Will have his birthday tomorrow as well? Ya know? Since it is, i promise to work on "Steve's Dangerous Adventure Part 4" Tomorrow! Showing that i want to give him a present as well the fourth well blog of the adventure can be his present so be sure to congrats both of them for having their birthdays and yeah i will work on it tomorrow i promise!

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Chapter 1: 13 days 'till Christmas...

    It was Christmas Eve, early in the morning. Freshly fallen snow sprinkled the lawns, roofs, and cars in the area. It sparkled in the delicate rays of tentative dawn sunshine. The only sounds were the quiet chirps of birds and the occasional breeze blowing through. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky; it was peaceful.

    Few homes were lit from within, few people were around this hour. A cozy, cottage-like building with a debatably overabundance of Christmas decorations adorning it was one of these houses. The small, pink Beetle car that sat in the driveway suddenly started up; the engine bursting to life inside the little vehicle. Moments later, two figures emerged from the home, carrying one bag each.

    The small…

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  • Order of the Command Block

    14 days 'till Christmas...

    Now, this is the story of a bunch of kids, who I really should be calling teenagers, but I’m not going to. I also should tell you who these nutjobs are, and fortunately, I’m actually going to do this part. It’s about time we get some decent descriptions for characters. Hold onto your chocolate milk, kids, here we go:

    Order, the three doormats in a pink, fluffy trench-coat. Imagine a pretty small girl with olive skin, long, dark brown hair, and eyes to match the hair. Clothing’s irrelevant, because I’m being told the writer is too lazy to plan the clothing right now. Onto the next!

    Domitron, but we’re doing with Domi because that’s four less letters to type. For this story, he’s going to have dark, black hair, dark e…

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  • GuiFFI

    *** Posted in Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 Episode 3 my storytale play by Order of The Female Jesse ***

    MCSM Imagining : Jesse had WIther Sickness

    If he/she has Wither Sickness Jesse would had suffered the same like Petra/Gabriel (the first one, not the amnesia.) I'm sure in this time Reuben would be always with Jesse since he really care about Jesse.And the gangs would try to take care of Jesse too.

    Since it's you who control Jesse's opinions and actions, there would be some choices like :

    • Jesse say he/she needs help / needs to rest a bit

    • Jesse say he/she don't need help / can take care of him/herself / go with the others 

    • Jesse say he/she doesn't go with the gang for defeat the Witherstorm 

    •  Jesse say he/she go with the gang for defeat the Wit…

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  • Bingo Boi

    MCSM dead?

    December 10, 2018 by Bingo Boi

    Now, I'm new to MCSM and I already feel like the fandom is dead. Is there a more lively place to visit to meet with people of the same fandom? Or is this it?

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