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Binta is a character in Season Two of Minecraft: Story Mode. She first appeared in "Below the Bedrock". She is voiced by Kimberly Brooks.



Binta has dark skin, light blue pupils, black hair, a white button-up shirt, jeans, and black gloves.


Binta is shown to be a helpful and fair person. She is also kind, and is willing to risk her life to help others, evident by her helping Jesse fix the portal back to the Overworld. However, she is strict about honors and rules, which is seen when she tells Jesse, "No one enters [Fred's house] unless they win the contest". She also is seen to have an aggressive side to her personality in "Above and Beyond" when knocking out one of Romeo's guards in Beacontown and reveling in it.


  • Fred's compass (Formerly)
  • Fred's sleeping garments (Determinant)
  • Diamond hoe
  • Bucket of water (Determinant)



"...have been returned. Festivities will close with a fireworks display as usual. And don't forget to sign up for our "Faithful Friends of Fred" trivia competition for a chance to win ONE NIGHT in Fred's house!"
—Binta to the people of The Underneathsrc
"Welcome to Fred's Keep. My name is Binta."
—Binta to Jesse's Gang, introducing herself. src
"She hasn't been seen down here in a very, very long time. You're more impressive than you seem."
—Binta to Jesse about Xara. (Determinant) src

"Killing Fred, inflicting sorrow on my people."
—Binta talking about Romeo's sins (Determinant) src
"If you're really from up there, then you must have a way back. Take us with you... above the Bedrock."
—Binta to Jesse. src


  • It was confirmed by Eric Stirpe, that Binta uses the base model of a scrapped character named "Sonar." [1]
    • Sonar was later reused in "Above and Beyond" when Ivor meets Jesse in Jack and Nurm's shop. If Jesse remained silent in the previous episode when Ivor asked for an excuse to tell Romeo about Jesse's fate, Radar will make a suggestion, and in "Above and Beyond", Ivor accidentally mistakes Radar's name for "Sonar".
  • Eric Stirpe confirmed that if Binta and the rest of Fred's people are left behind, their fate is left open-minded, giving them no official canon fate and instead leaving it up to the fanbase. [2]



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