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—Axel. src

Axel is a deuteragonist later major character in Minecraft: Story Mode. He is a large, strong human who is known to be a prankster/jokester and is one of Jesse's best friends. He is voiced by Brian Posehn. He first appeared in " The Order of the Stone".



Season 1

Axel is muscular and tall in appearance and has short, black hair along with a unibrow. He has a 2.5 block build. He wears a green jacket, black fingerless gloves, tan pants, and sandals. Later on, he also gains a helmet similar to Magnus the Rogue's, a chest piece similar to his former shirt with gloves and brown boots.

Season 2

Axel's jacket is now replaced with a green plaid flannel, which is left unbuttoned to reveal a black t-shirt with a skull on it.


Axel is portrayed to be a joker who enjoys making people laugh. Throughout the game, he acts as a source of comic relief. He makes lots of sarcastic quips and short one-liners.

Axel is revealed to be a bit of a coward, but is very fierce when defending his friends and will risk a great deal to protect them. Axel is also shown to be a kleptomaniac, as he tries to steal small items whenever he can.


"The Order of the Stone"

  • Creeper Head
  • Dragon Head
  • Stone
  • Oak Wood Planks
  • Fence
  • Redstone
  • Sand
  • Oak Wood
  • Dispenser
  • Firework Rocket
  • Black Wool (determinant)
  • Lime Wool (determinant)
  • Green Wool (determinant)
  • Purple Stained Glass (determinant)
  • White Stained Glass (determinant)
  • Purple Wool (determinant)
  • Cyan Wool (determinant)
  • Cobblestone
  • Slimeball
  • Elixir (determinant)
  • Dirt (determinant)
  • Oak Door (determinant)
  • Spruce Wood Planks (determinant)
  • Ladder (determinant)
  • Spruce Fence (determinant)
  • Netherrack
  • Redstone Torch (determinant)
  • Cookie
  • Apple (determinant)
  • Feather

"Assembly Required (Boom Town)"

  • Amulet (determinant)
  • Bow
  • Arrow

"The Last Place You Look"

  • Pink Wool

"A Block and a Hard Place"

  • Sand
  • New Armor
  • Firework Rocket
  • TNT
  • Minecart
  • Spruce Wood Planks (determinant)
  • Spruce Fence (determinant)
  • Rail (determinant)
  • Stone (determinant)
  • Redstone (determinant)
  • Glowstone (determinant)
  • Slime Block (determinant)

"Order Up!"

  • Cake (determinant)
  • TNT
  • Enchanted Flint and Steel (determinant)



"Thanks for believing in me, buddy."
—Axel to Jesse in the Temple of the Old Builders src

Axel is one of Jesse's best friends and is very protective of Jesse. He always tries to help and support them and provides them with encouragement in all of their endeavors. Axel also always tells Jesse to "lighten up" as he feels they are too serious (Determinant). He is willing to risk his life to save Jesse from danger since he dashed forward in the mob grinder to pull Jesse back as they were launched ahead by the water. It would've resulted in Jesse being killed or gravely injured if Axel had not stepped in.


Jesse: "Let's build an Enderman."
Axel: "Awww, Olivia's thing?"
Olivia: "Are you whining?"
Axel: "No, I was saying Awwwesome!"
—Axel and Olivia after Jesse chose to build an Enderman. (Determinant) src

Axel and Olivia are often portrayed to be at odds but their personalities balance each other out. The two will never shy away from helping each other in times of need.


"He's a tough little ham."
—Axel to Jesse about Reuben. src

Axel loves playing pranks on Jesse and the gang, including Reuben. He cares for Reuben a lot and even made him an Ender Dragon costume to wear for EnderCon. Unlike Olivia, Axel always believed in Reuben's abilities. Axel is seen to be distraught when Reuben dies.

Magnus the Rogue

"I'm hanging out with Magnus! I am doing awesome!"
—Axel to Jesse. src

Axel is a huge fan of Magnus the Rogue and saw him as his hero and mentor. He wants to be just like him, which can be inferred from his attire and attitude. He is heartbroken when Magnus dies (Determinant).


"Haven't you done enough damage for one day? Petra might be dead because of you!"
—Axel blaming Lukas for Petra's presumed death. src

At first, Axel doesn't take a liking to Lukas, seeing him as a coward. This is partly because he was in The Ocelots. Axel gets angry to find that Lukas was frozen in fear as they were escaping the Wither Storm. Axel blames him for putting Petra in grave danger. If Jesse chooses to save the Amulet in Episode 3, Lukas will rescue Axel and Reuben, leading Axel to accept Lukas as a friend. In Episode 5, Axel will appear angry when the Blaze Rods talk rude about Lukas.


"I promised myself I wouldn't cry. Promise broken!"
—Axel to Petra before her departure. src

Axel and Petra are presumably close friends, as Axel is often shown being concerned for her safety and health, especially when she gets trapped. Axel will also hug Petra if you go to Boom Town and save her from the Wither Storm. He is one of the first to notice that Petra is ill after escaping the Wither Storm (Determinant).


"Why are we wasting time talking to this jerk? We have to go and get Petra!"
—Axel to the group about Ivor. src

Axel disliked Ivor at first, but after defeating the Wither Storm, his opinions of Ivor changed for the better. He even liked his Lava House and thought it was cool.


Season 1

Season 2


"It was Aiden! That punk!"
—Axel. src
"The spirit is willing, but the flesh is sad."
—Axel to Jesse. (Determinant)  src

"There's something different about you Jesse. Something- oh-man oh-man oh-man!"
—Axel to Jesse (determinant) src
"I felt all of that!"
—Axel after he tripped after the potion of slowness wore off. (Determinant) src
"After I watch one more chicken get owned."
—Axel to Jesse. (Determinant) src

"Jesse means US, not you."
—Axel to Lukas (Determinant) src
"Isn't it weird how dispensers are carved to look like spooky little faces? What do you dispense, little guy?"
—Axel. src
"(Name of group)'s luck is changing. "
—Axel. src
"Magnus, we totally got caught by Magnus! I mean...I think we're gonna die now."
—Axel, when first seeing Magnus the Rogue. (Determinant) src
"Dude, what a chicken!"
—Axel talking about Soren when he runs away. (Determinant) src
"How do you make Enderman focused? I can't even make myself focused."
—Axel to Olivia. src
"I can't believe I just saw that! That was amazing! Why is no one freaking out!?"
—Axel to everyone. src
"Whoa, that is, without question, the coolest thing I have ever, ever seen!"
—Axel when Jesse shows him the weapon he/she made. src
"Petra might be dead because of you!"
—Axel threatening Lukas. src
—Axel. src
"I think I got something... in both my eyes."
—Axel, when Jesse is talking about Reuben in his speech. (Determinant) src
—Axel. (Determinant) src
"I would take that cactus with me, but I don't want to stick it in my pants."
—Axel to Jesse in Boom Town. (Determinant) src
"Oh, it's that guy from EnderCon who was afraid of chickens!"
—Axel about the usher. (Determinant) src
"You mess with one member of the Order of the Stone."
—Axel defending Jesse to Hadriansrc
"I thought maybe you'd have like a cool motivational thing to say there, but... that's cool, that's cool."
—Axel to Jesse outside the Temple of the Old Builders. (Determinant) src
"It's just... I really love cake. "
—Axel to Jesse inside the Temple of the Old Builders. src
"That guy's voice is the worst. I can even hear it through the obsidian."
—Axel to Jesse about Hadrian's voice when Axel's in an obsidian prison. src
"Huh? What part are we at? Am I being awesome?"
—Axel after waking up. src
"I promised myself I wouldn't cry. Promise broken!"
—Axel when he gives Petra one last hug before her departure. src


  • Axel is voiced by Brian Posehn who also voices the character, Sour Cream in Steven Universe.
    • This further shown in Episode 3, when the first cave spiders attack him from the front.
  • Axel often falls on top of Lukas as a reoccurring gag. He does so four times throughout the game.
  • In "Order Up!", it is revealed Axel loves cake.
  • Axel is mentioned in Episode 6 and 7. This is the same with Olivia.
    • In Episode 6, Ivor mentions that it was possible they could have followed the gang and went through the Sky City Portal.
    • In Episode 7, PAMA tells Jesse that PAMA will make Axel and Olivia useful.
    • He's also mentioned in Season 2 Episode 3 by Romeo, disguised as Jesse.
  • A quote by Axel, "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is sad", references a Bible verse; Mark 14:38
  • Sometimes, his legs go transparent as a glitch for some players.
  • Axel, alongside Slab, Reuben (Human), Clutch, Emily, Fred, Capital T, and the other Gladiators have big builds only seen in Minecraft: Story Mode.
  • In Episode 2, Axel has an arrow in his knee if Jesse chooses to visit Boom Town (Determinant).
  • According to Eric Stirpe, Axel was originally going to have a pet bat in "Assembly Required", the bat idea was cut due to budget issues.[1]
  • Eric Stirpe claims, that when Minecraft: Story Mode was in early production it originally had swearing; Axel would often use a few swears.[2]


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