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Anthony, better known online as "Bigbst4tz2," is an in-game YouTuber and "Associate" at the Sunshine Institute. He first appeared in "Jailhouse Block" and is voiced by Bigbst4tz2.



Anthony has dark skin, black hair and eyebrows, black pupils, a short, black beard, a brown nose, and a black and purple "associate" outfit.


Anthony seems to be a kind individual, as seen by him giving Radar and Jesse a bowl to make mushroom stew when seeing Radar hungry, but can somewhat demonstrate a negative attitude towards Jesse by calling him/her "Crazy McCrazy" if he/she tells Anthony that he/she sighted a cookie he's holding (determinant). If Jesse chooses to work for the Warden, Anthony doesn't have to demonstrate a negative attitude, and instead offers him/her cocoa beans for a cookie.


The Warden

It is unknown as to why The Warden invited Anthony to be an "associate" at the Sunshine Institute, but he doesn't mind The Warden's company and follows his orders and requests.


Anthony has the same relationship with all the other "associates", but he offers to help Jesse to make a cookie for Radar (determinant).



"Excuse me? Who are you supposed to be?"
—Anthony to Stellasrc
"Crazy McCrazy thinking they saw cookies over here. Go grab a mushroom..."
—Anthony to Jesse. (Determinant) src
"All guests, please report to the nearest lounge!"
—Anthony when the sirens are ringing. src


  • He is always seen eating cookies, which is a reference to his YouTube channel.
  • He is the only YouTuber in Minecraft: Story Mode that did not appear in "A Portal to Mystery".
  • The real-life counterpart of Anthony was sent a letter by the Warden offering him a job as an "associate," in exchange for cookies as currency. [1]
  • He was sent to the Sunshine Institute because Romeo lost to him in a mini-game. [2]



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