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—The EnderCon Announcer at the beginning of the building contest. src

The Announcer is the announcer at the EnderCon Building Competition. She is voiced by Erin Yvette. She first appeared in "The Order of the Stone​".



The Announcer is a dark-skinned woman. She dresses formally, wearing a blue suit and a tie along with large spectacles. She also wears a small yellow and green badge, presumably used to identify her as the announcer for the EnderCon Building Competition.


The Announcer seems to be a patient and calm person. She is later also revealed to be a flamboyant and ostentatious person when she is doing the main part of her job.


Announcer: "Name, please?"
Axel: "Axel, and a how do you do?"
Announcer: "No, your team name."
—Announer and Axel at the EnderCon Building Competition. src
"Ladies and gentlemen... Welcome to the EnderCon Building Competition."
—Announcer to all competitors at the EnderCon Building Competition.  src
"The winners of this years competition will have their build featured at EnderCon - the winners will also meet in person, Gabriel the Warrior."
—Announcer to all competitors at the EnderCon Building Competition. src


  • It is unknown whether the Announcer judged the builds as well (or being one of the judges), or simply just announced the Competition.
  • When Jesse's gang is asked for a team name, Jesse can choose one of three team names, these being: "Order of the Pig," "Dead Enders," and "Nether Maniacs."
    • Additionally, if Jesse says nothing, the Announcer will call them the "No-names."


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