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"Above and Beyond" is the fifth and final episode of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two.


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The final battle with Jesse's new enemy brings the battle home to Beacontown and the world may never be the same.


The home Jesse left so long ago - Beacontown - has succumbed to the iron rule of the Admin. Menacing guards patrol the streets, anxious citizens tremble in fear, and worst of all, everyone believes Jesse is responsible thanks to the Admin’s devious disguise. In order to save the city, the real Jesse must find a way to zap the Admin’s powers and take him down once and for all...


  • Patton Oswalt as Jesse (Male) and Romeo (Form)
  • Catherine "Cat" Taber as Jesse (Female) and Romeo (Form)
  • Ashley Johnson as Petra and Romeo (Form, Determinant)
  • Scott Porter as Lukas
  • Brian Posehn as Axel
  • Natasha Loring as Olivia
  • Fred Tatasciore as Jack, Romeo (Form, Determinant), and Fred (Hologram)
  • Paul Reubens as Ivor
  • Mark Barbolak as Nurm and Lawrence
  • Lluna (No Lines)
  • Yuri Lowenthal as Radar
  • Kimberly Brooks as Binta (Determinant)
  • April Stewart as Xara ​(Determinant)
  • Stacy Plays (No Lines)
  • Ashley Albert as Stella
  • Jean-Benoît "J.B." Blanc as Romeo, Vos (Form), and Fred (Form)
  • Giant Enderman (Determinant, No Lines)
  • Stampy Cat (No Lines)
  • Julianne Buescher as Nell
  • Wink (No Lines)


  • Esteban
  • Lord von Thunderpork VI
  • Smushy Cutecheeks
  • 1 Prison Golem
  • 4 Prismarine Colossi
  • 1 "Glitched" Prismarine Colossus (Determinant)
  • Xara (Determinant)
  • Romeo (Determinant)


What advice did you give to Jack when he met Ivor?

  • 65.03% of players told Jack to 'be himself'.
  • 34.7% of players told him to 'play it cool'.

Did you destroy the Admin's statue?

  • 64.0% of players destroyed the Admin's statue, but put Nell in danger.
  • 36.0% of players left the Admin's statue and kept Nell safe.

How did you confront the Admin in his tower?

  • 58.8% of players tried to reason with the Admin.
  • 41.2% of players ordered the Ocelots to attack.

Did you leave Romeo behind in the Terminal Space?

  • 83.1% of players took Romeo with you.
  • 16.9% of players left Romeo.

Did you remain in Beacontown or leave with Petra?

  • 61.1% of players went adventuring with Petra.
  • 38.9% of players stayed in Beacontown.


  • This episode marks the seventh time Soren the Architect has been mentioned since his disappearance in "A Block and a Hard Place". (Determinant)
  • If Jesse stays in Beacontown, it is confirmed that both Aiden and Cassie Rose are still alive.
  • It was confirmed that Mark Droste is the director and Adam Miller is the lead writer for "Above and Beyond". [1]
  • It was confirmed that "Above and Beyond" would release on December 19th, 2017. [2]

Key Art & Trailer

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Minecraft- Story Mode - Season Two - FINALE TRAILER